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If your babies have left hospital, you’ll be experiencing the challenges of feeding and caring for newborn twins, triplets or more in your own home. If a hospital stay is in order, you may be in and out of neonatal care while one or more gets some extra help. Follow the links below to find out more about coping in neonatal care, bringing your babies home, finding a routine that works for you, feeding more than one baby, bonding, sleep and how to manage common concerns such as crying and colic. We also have a few tips on how to keep your relationship in good shape amidst the pressures of parenting.


  • Finding outIn Hospital

    Whether your babies are getting some extra help in neonatal care or are lying in a cot by your bed, here’s a few helpful tips on what happens next

  • Coming Home

    Leaving hospital is a huge milestone for parents of multiples. Read on to find out how to get things running smoothly as your babies settle in at home

  • Finding outFeeding

    How do you feed more than one baby at the same time? Parents of multiples tend to be more pragmatic and imaginative than most. Read on for a guide to your options

  • Bonding

    Is it harder to bond with more than one baby? Enjoy getting to know your babies and nurturing their individual qualities with the help of our Tamba tips

  • Sleep

    Should you sleep your babies together? What if one wakes earlier than the other? We look at the options as well as suggesting ways parents can juggle the night duty to ensure that even in the earliest days everyone gets some rest.

  • Concerns

    How do you cope when two or more are poorly, colicky or just plain crying? A rough guide to coping, being a ‘good enough’ parent, and maintaining your relationship in trying times

  • Development

    What is special about the way twins, triplets and more develop, and what can you do to help?

  • Winter Illnesses

    How to reduce the chance of your twins, triplets or more getting ill in the colder months. Includes information on how to deal with illnesses and symptoms including coughs and colds, high temperatures, bronchiolitis and bacterial meningitis

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