Improving the lives of families with twins, triplets or more

Older Multiples

The move from primary to secondary school is another big step, and poses new challenges for twins and multiples – and their families. Your children may already increasingly independent of each other, but are still feeling their way forward to their own identity. The close bond between multiples is now being tested by puberty, on top of the normal roller coaster that is adolescence. The greater pressure of secondary school life can also impose a strain, which can highlight difference in achievement, even to the point of pushing them into different schools.

  • Finding outSecondary School

    As secondary school approaches, you’ll face many of the same decisions as at primary level, but with new complications

    • Adult Multiples

      How do adult multiples get on?  Hear about the experiences of leaving home, settling into relationships and getting married.

Older Multiples


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