Improving the lives of families with twins, triplets or more


 Honorary Consultants

We have a team of volunteer Honorary Consultants who are all experts in their field.  Please see below their fields of expertise and what they can help you with. 

If you have a problem that you feel one of them can help you with please contact Nikki Kenyon.

Primary Education 

Anne Thomas Maggie Dorsman

They can help with:

  • Whether to defer entry to a later term
  • Whether to delay entry to a later year
  • Appeals about school places
  • Together or apart
  • Teachers failing to identify individual needs
  • Teachers making comparisons
  • Different rates of progress
  • Different levels of independence and confidence


Secondary Education

Diane Galloway can help with:

  • Choosing schools (some learning areas allow three choices, in others it’s six)
  • Preparing for results day when abilities are similar but only one may be given a place at preferred school with an entrance exam
  • Appeals
  • Teachers failing to identify individual needs
  • Teachers making comparisons
  • Differences in ability
  • Differences in rate of development and achievement by boy/girl twins


Speech and language

Janet O’Keefe, Michelle Field and Tess Garrett can help with: 

  • Social interaction – any age
  • Listening and attention
  • Understanding
  • Speech – slow to start talking/unclear and difficulty forming sounds
  • Specific difficulties e.g. stammering
  • Janet can also help with special needs statements


Educational Psychology

Tom Lloyd and Carolyn Graham can help with: 

  • Early years education
  • Special needs related enquiries
  • Severe learning difficulties
  • Profound and multiple learning difficulties
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • Dyslexia
  • General enquiries about special educational needs and statements
  • Behavioural difficulties at school or nursery


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