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 Honorary Consultants

We have a team of volunteer Honorary Consultants who are all experts in their field.  Please see below their fields of expertise and what they can help you with. 

If you have a problem that you feel one of them can help you with please contact Nikki Harris.

Please note: all our Honorary Consultants are professional working people who give up their time for free to help families in crisis and  as a result of this,  it may take up to a couple of weeks for the chosen  Honorary Consultant to contact you back after you have been referred to them via Tamba. (Our aim is to have Honorary Consultants reply within two weeks). Therefore please contact us at least a month before your deadline of required support.

All referrals must come through the Tamba office and Honorary Consultants must not be contacted independently by families.

If a Honorary Consultant is dealing with a number of on-going cases at any one time, priority will be given to families whose Tamba membership is current. If your membership has lapsed you may wish to renew your membership.


Primary Education 

Anne Thomas Maggie Dorsman

They can help with:

  • Whether to defer entry to a later term
  • Whether to delay entry to a later year
  • Appeals about school places
  • Together or apart
  • Teachers failing to identify individual needs
  • Teachers making comparisons
  • Different rates of progress
  • Different levels of independence and confidence


Secondary Education

Diane Galloway can help with:

  • Choosing schools (some learning areas allow three choices, in others it’s six)
  • Preparing for results day when abilities are similar but only one may be given a place at preferred school with an entrance exam
  • Appeals
  • Teachers failing to identify individual needs
  • Teachers making comparisons
  • Differences in ability
  • Differences in rate of development and achievement by boy/girl twins

Family Therapy


Audrey Sandbank, family therapist


Audrey Sandbank



Shelagh Wright



Vicki Cohen

They can help with: 

  • Severe behaviour problems including aggression
  • Relationship problems
  • Psychological issues between twins and parents  including adolescence
  • Toilet training if the issues begin to affect the family
  • Identity and friendship issues
  • Adult twins who have lost their twin
  • Couples where one is a twin
  • Parents suffering after the birth of their twins.

Speech and language

Janet O’Keefe, Michelle Field and Tess Garrett can help with: 

  • Social interaction – any age
  • Listening and attention
  • Understanding
  • Speech – slow to start talking/unclear and difficulty forming sounds
  • Specific difficulties e.g. stammering
  • Janet can also help with special needs statements


Educational Psychology

Tom Lloyd and Carolyn Graham can help with: 

  • Early years education
  • Special needs related enquiries
  • Severe learning difficulties
  • Profound and multiple learning difficulties
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • Dyslexia
  • General enquiries about special educational needs and statements
  • Behavioural difficulties at school or nursery


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