Improving the lives of families with twins, triplets or more

Our Vision, Mission, Values & Plans

Our Vision: Tamba wants all families with twins, triplets or more to be happy and healthy.

Our Mission: Tamba is the only UK-wide charity representing thousands of families with twins, triplets and higher multiples. We campaign to improve their health and developmental outcomes by:

- running the only free national helpline for parents of twins, triplets or more,
- supporting parents with babies in intensive care and those who suffer from conditions such as Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome,
- campaigning to improve the financial position and educational opportunities of our families,
- helping our families to make their voices heard within government,
- funding and partnering in research to better understand the unique challenges faced by families with twins, triplets or more,
- fighting for better NHS services and developing educational materials for health professionals,
- running ante-natal and parenting classes on the unique challenges of caring for several children of the same age,
- hosting online communities and a national network of clubs, which help families enjoy their unique opportunities and experiences.

All involved with Tamba commit to the following values.  We seek to be; mutually supportive to our families and colleagues, trustworthy and transparent in our actions and decision making, celebrate individuality and diversity, commit to understanding the challenges we face through research and knowledge sharing, and consistent and proactive in our work.

Our Plans

The charity’s priorities are set by our stakeholders during our strategic planning process.  These are outlined in a detailed strategic plan which determines what we do and how staff, trustees and our supporters measure our progress.  The current strategic plan is due to finish in June 2014 and trustees regularly review the measurable targets we have set. Apart from continuing to deliver our existing services, during the coming year we also intend to:

  • Increase our media engagement to raise awareness of our work among expectant multiple birth parents
  • Increase the number of courses we deliver to expectant parents of multiples and for families with children aged 1-5 years
  • Campaign to ensure governments improve health care services for our expectant and new families
  • Build new and better relationships with stakeholders who are able to improve health care services for our expectant and new families
  • Campaign to improve the financial support our families receive from the government
  • Expand our fundraising capacity to enable us to develop our support services and commission further social and medical research into the challenges our families face 


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