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Expectant parents are sometimes overwhelmed at the prospect of having twins, triplets or more; others feel excited and special. Either way, this period while your babies are in the womb is a time to adjust, make plans and learn as much as you can about multiples. Click on the links below for information on how to manage both practically and financially, as well as tips on having a healthy multiple pregnancy, dealing with common ailments and complications, how to get the best from antenatal care and what happens at a multiple birth.


  • Finding outFinding out

    Expecting twins, triplets or more? Find out about identical and non-identical babies, why people have multiples, and how to plan for the future

  • Antenatal Care

    What you need to know about scans, screening tests and making the most of antenatal check-ups

  • Finding outLooking After Yourself

    Staying comfortable and getting what you need: how to look after yourself with more than one baby on board

  • Common Symptoms

    Your body is doing something amazing: nurturing those babies. Meanwhile, other bits are starting to ache – or make you throw up. Find out what you can do to minimise the discomforts of a multiple pregnancy

  • Complications

    Most women have healthy multiple pregnancies, but a few do need extra monitoring or interventions because of conditions that can occasionally arise. Read more here

  • Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome

    Read why TTTS happens, warning signs, treatments, and personal stories from those who have come through it.

  • Preparing for your babies

    Use the time before your babies arrive to sleep and read up on feeding, arrange some help and ask parents who already have young twins, triplets or more what products really work

  • Work & Finance

    How long should you keep working in a multiple pregnancy and what financial help is available when the babies are born?

  • Birth Plans

    When can you expect your babies to be born, and how? Click here for more on caesareans, labouring with multiples, pain relief, and what happens if your babies come early

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