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Keep our babies out of hospital

Around one in three children in the UK will develop bronchiolitis during their first year of life. Around one in fifty babies will need to be admitted to hospital because they develop more serious symptoms, such as breathing difficulties.

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Safer Care for Multiple Pregnancies

Multiple birth babies make up just 3% of births but account for 6.5% of still births and 13.6% of neonatal deaths, with more than six times the risk of cerebral palsy. The risk of preterm birth is also considerably higher.


Classroom Placement Campaign

Tamba's education surveys in 2009 & 2015 found that up to 2,000 multiple birth chidren are split up across different classes or kept together when starting primary school without parents being given a say in the situation.


Maternity/Paternity Campaign

Steve Reed MP has asked for changes to current maternity and paternity leave legislation to be considered that would see families with premature babies given extended leave. 


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