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Tamba’s Multiple Pregnancy Antenatal Courses

Why take a Tamba antenatal course? Antenatal course leader Sharon Famiglietti and parents who have taken the course explain why Tamba's antenatal courses are unique.  


The aim of the course is to enable couples to explore their choices in terms of delivery and subsequent care of their babies using evidence-based information. This is a unique intensive one-day programme (10am-4.30pm). There is a break for lunch (not included in the cost) and this can be an ideal time to chat to the other couples and swap ideas and tips. Group sizes are kept small with a maximum of eight couples to allow everyone to get to know one other and most people stay in touch with each other after the course, providing that vital support network for when their babies are born.  We recommend that you attend a course from 20 weeks into your pregnancy but you can make your booking at any point in your pregnancy.

Couples set their own agenda for the course at the start of the day but these are topics that are often covered;

  • Birth and delivery choices for multiples
  • What to expect in labour
  • How to cope with pain and what choices are available for pain control
  • Weighing up vaginal versus Caesarean birth
  • How to make Caesarean birth special if that is your chosen option
  • Recovery after a Caesarean birth
  • Prematurity
  • What to expect in a Special Care Baby Unit
  • How to breastfeed or feed more than one baby
  • Routines and sleeping
  • Impact on your relationship
  • Individuality and language development of multiples

Sessions are often joined by local multiple birth parents who come to share their experiences and answer questions on the day-to-day practicalities of life with more than one baby. All couples receive an information pack which includes the Healthy Multiple Pregnancy Guide, Preparing for Parenthood and the Breast feeding More Than One Booklet.

The courses are run by trained antenatal teachers or midwives (click here for more information on the course teachers) who are available by phone or email to help with any final questions in the days leading up to the birth or immediately afterwards.

The cost is £139. Please note that terms and conditions apply, particularly if you need to cancel for any reason see - Terms and conditions See our Frequently Asked Questions for further information which includes information on venues. We recommend that you attend an ante-natal course after 20 weeks into your pregnancy.

We can also take payment in 2 instalments - the first instalment will be 30% ie £41.70 with the full balance being due 5 weeks prior to the course. If you would like to pay by instalments please e-mail for further details.

We can offer private sessions in the following locations: IG10, RG6, RH1, TF10, BS21, LS22 (and surrounding areas - although please do enquire if you are outside of these areas and are interested in a private session) The cost is £148 for two people for a 3 hour private course.  For further details please e-mail 

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If you would rather book over the telephone or are having problems booking online please call the Tamba office on 01252 332 344 or e-mail.

We also have short courses available in Scotland.

Click on our interactive map to find a course near you


Greater London

Sat 21st Mar      Chiswick (FULL)
Sat 18th Apr       Chiswick(FULL)
Sat 18th Apr       Finchley (FULL)
Sat 16th May      Chiswick
Sat 6th June       Loughton
Sat 13th June     Chiswick
Sat 11th July       Chiswick
Sat 25th July       Finchley
Sat 8th Aug         Chiswick
Sat 5th Sept        Loughton
Sat 12th Sept      Chiswick
Sat 3rd Oct          Chiswick
Sat 17th Oct        Finchley
Sat 14th Nov       Chiswick
Sat 21st Nov       Loughton
Sat 5th Dec         Chiswick

Eastern England

 Sat 6th June        Loughton
Sat 20th June      Cambridge
Sat 26th Sept      Cambridge
Sat 5th Dec          Cambridge  

East Midlands

Nearest courses are in Sutton Coldfield (please see courses in the West Midlands for further information)

North East

Nearest courses are in Wetheby (please see courses in Yorkshire for further information)

North West

Sat 16th May    Altrincham
Sat 4th July      Altrincham
Sat 17th Oct     Manchester
Sat 5th Dec      Manchester

South East

Sat 23rd May    Guildford
Sun 14th June   Tunbridge Wells
Sat 1st Aug       Guildford

Sat 29th Aug     Tunbridge Wells

South West

 Sat 25th Apr     Bristol
Sat 18th July     Bristol
Sat 17th Oct      Bristol

West Midlands

Sat 18th Apr      Sutton Coldfield
Sat 27th June    Sutton Coldfield
Sat 12th Sept     Sutton Coldfield
Sat 7th Nov        Sutton Coldfield

Yorkshire and the Humber 

Sat 16th May    Wetherby
Sat 5th Sept      Wetherby
Sat 28th Nov     Wetherby 


Nearest courses are in Bristol (see courses in the South West region for more information)

Northern Ireland

Click here to view Northern Ireland courses 


Click here to view Scottish Antenatal courses 

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Feedback from the course

"I found the course really useful.  There was lots of great discussion and some really valuable information."

"Excellent course – I now feel very reassured about coping. I would definitely recommend the course to others."

"The course was fantastic and I would highly recommend it.  The course tutor was very knowledgeable and approachable and answered all of our questions.  It was very informative." 

97% of course attendees in 2014 rated the course as a 9 or 10 out of 10 overall


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