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Breastfeeding Classes

Breastfeeding Classes

This is a session for expectant parents who wish to find out more about breastfeeding multiples.

Many parents of multiples would like their babies to breastfeed but are unsure if it is possible or how to achieve their aim. This three hour workshop has been devised to give parents of multiples the opportunity to identify what might be helpful in establishing and sustaining breastfeeding by exploring the practicalities of breastfeeding two or more babies and reflecting on how this might fit with their own parenting aims.

Some of the topics that parents will be given the opportunity to explore are: 

  • What might the experience of breastfeeding multiples be like and how is it different from breastfeeding one baby? 

  • How can I ensure I make enough breastmilk to feed two or more?

  • How might I position the babies at the breast together?

  • What challenges can arise when breastfeeding multiples?

  • What if our babies are born early?

  • How can we develop a pattern of breastfeeding that works for us as a family?

  • What role do I have if my partner breastfeeds?                              

  • What if we decide to partially breastfeed our babies?

  • Where can we get support with breastfeeding once our babies are born?

Dates for 2015

  • Saturday 25th April 10am-1pm Faraday House, 48-51 Old Gloucester St WC1N 3AE (3 minutes from Holborn Station)

The course will be facilitated by a trained NCT Breastfeeding counsellor .

Cost £45 per person. 

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Breastfeeding Webinars

We run Webinars  for anyone interested in breastfeeding multiples.  The webinar focuses on the challenges of breastfeeding twins and triplets and provides information specific to those challenges.  Please be aware that in an hour it is not possible to cover in detail general information on how to breastfeed. The webinar is delivered by a NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor and mother of multiples.

You can access the webinar by using your computer and speakers (you do not need a webcam) or by telephone.  Questions can be asked during the webinar via your keyboard.  The session is recorded an a link to listen back will be sent out after the webinar.  It is therefore not necessary to listen 'live' to the session.

The cost is £10. The webinar will be running on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 7th April 7-8pm

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If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for a full course, e-mail (we cannot guarantee that places will become available).  If you have any special needs please let us know. See Terms and Conditions

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Feedback from the London course

"Great session – well structured but flexible to our needs."

"We covered a lot within the timeframe, the Facilitator was very knowledgeable." 

"I went to a TAMBA breastfeeding course before I had my twins. It was fantastic, really useful with lots of relevant information. We
discussed feeding options for premature babies (from about 28 weeks onwards I think) which was invaluable when my twins were born early and were in NICU for a while. They were tube fed to start with but I knew from the course that it should be possible to breast feed them so I expressed like mad for the few days they were in NICU then managed to get breast feeding established on the
transitional care ward before going home. Without the course, I don't think Iwould have ever believed I could breast feed premature twins in NICU and would have given up before I'd even tried. I will always be grateful for what I leant on that course because feeding prem babies wasn't covered at all on the other breast feeding workshops I went to"


Feedback from the webinar

"Very informative – I learnt more than I have read so far."

"It was a really enjoyable session, I’m so glad that I participated."

"Excellent value for money and it was great to be able to participate from the comfort of my own home."

"I found the webinar last night really useful. Loads of information and sources of further information,

and it was great to hear it from someone who's been through it. I think webinars are a really useful thing to do - we use
them loads at work for training and sharing info, and it's a great way of getting info to a range of people around the country. Much more convenient than booking onto a course and having to travel somewhere, especially when you live somewhere like I do that's miles away from anywhere!"




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