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Practical Preparing for Parenthood Survival Class devised by Dr Carol Cooper


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The Seminar was written by twin mum, author, GP and Honorary Consultant Dr Carol Cooper and is delivered by our team of trained Facilitators in the format of a Powerpoint presentation, video clips and Q&A session.

All Tamba facilitators who deliver this course are trained and experienced volunteers who are also parents of multiples themselves.

This highly popular course is an essential 'Must Attend' for every expectant multiples parent.

In this 2 hour seminar we will share with you:

  • What makes multiple birth pregnancies different from singleton pregnancies
  • What equipment is essential for multiples families
  • Why organising support for when you get home is important and how it will help you cope better in the early days - we will provide an overview on available options
  • Tips on how to make your time in hospital as positive as possible - even if your babies arrive early
  • Insights on how newborn babies sleep so you can be better prepared for the challenges ahead
  • Multiple birth babies are more likely to be born early - in this presentation we will share tips that can help you prepare for this possibility
  • Top tips to help take the stress out of changing/bathing more than one baby and coping with crying
  • Research has shown that parents who get out and about with their babies are less isolated and better able to cope emotionally.  We share top tips on getting out and about
  • What feeding options are available and how to go about it (breast, bottle and mixed)

Please note that the seminar does not cover the birth or any medical information - if you are interested in learning about the birth our one day Ante-Natal course may be of interest to you

Don't just take our word for it, here's some feedback from people who have attended recently


Who should attend? 

  • Parents expecting twns, triplets or more
  • Those expecting twins, triplets or more using a surrogate
  • Interested Grandparents and carers. Open to ALL

When should you attend?

  • This course is suitable at any point in your pregnancy

When to book?

  • This is our most popular course, and places fill up fast.  Book now to avoid disappointment

How much does the Seminar cost?

  • To ensure this course is accessible to everyone, whatever their financial situation, we have priced this course accordingly.   It costs just £10 per person (£15 in Central London)

To recap - by booking this course you are getting:

  • A Tamba trained Faciliator and parent of multiples delivering the seminar
  • Complimentary copies of Tamba's most popular booklets worth over £12 ( Healthy Multiple Pregnancy Guide, Preparing for Parenthood Guide, Neonatal Guide and Breastfeeding Multiples Guide) 
  • The invaluable opportunity to meet other expecting multiples and stay in touch if you would like to do so (a contact list is handed out)
  • Access to the best preparing for parenthood content that is written specifically by parents of multiples for parents expecting multiples

If you are unable to attend the course in person, we also offer a webinar version of the course. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more information. 


Below listen to some of the Facilitators talking about the benefit of attending the seminars, who attendes and what the seminar covers. You can find out more about our course facilitators here. 


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We run a Preparing for Parenthood webinar. The webinar aims to prepare expectant parents of multiples for the remainder of their pregnancy and the first 6 weeks, by providing practical tips and ideas.  Areas covered include preparation, special care, hospital, feeding, sleeping, crying and routines. The webinar does not cover the pregnancy or birth from a medical perspective.  The cost is £15.  

You can access the webinar by using your computer and speakers (you do not need a webcam) or by telephone.  Questions can be asked during the webinar via your keyboard.  The session is recorded an a link to listen back will be sent out after the webinar.  It is therefore not necessary to listen 'live' to the session.

The next webinars are 15th November and  17th January. (if you would like a recording of a previous session please e-mail)

AbbVie has provided sponsorship funding for this webinar series but has not had any input into the development of webinar content.

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Feedback about the course

"It was great to hear firsthand from someone who has had multiples themselves about what to expect.  It was also really useful to meet others in the same situation."

"The seminar was really helpful and it’s made it all feel more realistic."

"As a first time father all the information was really useful."

"It was really helpful to talk about simple logistics and practical tips."

 "I went to a 'Preparing for parenthood' seminar when I was 19 weeks pregnant with my b/g twins. I already had a one year old and a two year old so felt quite daunted at the thought of having 4 children under the age of 3 when my twins arrived. The course was fantastic, I found the content really useful and the facilitator was lovely. It was also useful meeting another multiple Mum, who was 16 weeks pregnant with triplets. She also had two boys who were 3 and 4 so in a similar situation. We kept in touch throughout our pregnancy and just by chance all our 5 babies arrived on the same day. So I would definitely recommend the seminar, it's been invaluable to me having the support of other multiple parents"


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