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Costs of Childcare in Households with Multiple Births 

We are asking our members to get involved in our new campaign for more affordable childcare for families with multiples. To get on board simply click here and fill in your postcode to send a pre-written letter to your local MP.  

Current government proposals for more affordable childcare do not address the biggest problems facing parents of twins, triplets and more, which is having to meet all the costs of multiple childcare places in one go. Research shows the large majority of UK multiple birth families are finding the costs hard to bear and, in a third of instances, mothers have to give up work because the costs are prohibitive.

In a recent survey, Tamba compared the costs of childcare in the UK with the costs of childcare in Australia. The survey found the average Australian family is paying a third less in childcare per year than their UK counterparts. This makes it easier for parents of multiples in Australia to stay in work (if they chose to) and out of poverty. You can see the full report here. Tamba has also responded to the Government Consultation on ‘More Affordable Childcare’ which can be viewed here.

Financial and Social Consequences of having multiples

Our families always told us it is tough bringing up twins, triplets or more and now we have the evidence to prove it. Research by a leading think tank, the New Policy Institute, revealed that the Government's proposed welfare reforms will hit families with twins, triplets and higher multiples hardest, driving "many more" into poverty, even if they are working. 

Researchers from the University of Birmingham found that families with multiple births were more likely to report a drop in their income level following the birth of their children. They were also twice as likely as families of singletons to report ‘quite difficult’ financial stress. The report also found that twins and triplets experienced higher levels of material deprivation, and their families were more likely to separate or divorce.

We wrote to the Government to express our concerns and were delighted that they recognised them by reinstating the Sure Start maternity grant for our families who already have one or more children and have multiples as a subsequent birth. They also increased the income threshold that families can earn before child benefits are withdrawn.  

Take part in this campaign

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