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Tamba in Scotland

Welcome to Tamba in Scotland

Tamba is the only organisation in Scotland which is dedicated to providing information and mutual support networks to families with twins, triplets or more and highlighting their unique needs to all those involved with their care.

Contact Tamba's Scotland coordinator, Helen Peck at helenpeck@tamba.org.uk

The office is open  Monday - Thursday 9 am - 2.40 pm

Scottish Short Antenatal Classes

The course aims to provide expectant couples of multiples in Scotland with information on multiple pregnancy and support and advice on health and wellbeing during pregancy and the first few months following delivery.

Scottish Short Antenatal Classes

Practical Preparing for Parenthood 

Are you expecting twins, triplets or more? If so you probably have lots of questions! We run 2-hour sessions delivered by trained volunteers who have multiples themselves and may be able to help. From looking after yourself, to tips on buggies and support networks

Practical Preparing for Parenthood





Our Multiples Clubs provide a wonderful opportunity for parents to meet and offer each other support and a chance to swap experiences. Find out if there is a club near you. 


Scottish e-newsletter 

Stay up to date with Tamba in Scotland by registering for our newsletter. It contains local stories, events and campaign updates.

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News in Scotland

Watch this space for Scottish news and details of events taking place in Scotland.....more to come soon.



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