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Tamba Webinar - The Same But Different - From Teen to Adult

Tamba has created a webinar in partnership with leading twin expert and author Dr Joan Friedman, for teenage and adult multiples and for parents of teenage multiples.

Joan covers twin closeness - assumptions and realities, separation blues, my twin - my caretaker and conflicting loyalties/feelings. The webinar should give teenage and adult twins a better understanding of the intricacies of adult twin relationships, how to have an honest and authentic relationship with your multiple, how to navigate through the issues of separation, individuality and codependence.



Adult Multiples

Adult twin sisters on an evening out.

People think that being a twin is fun and magical, but in reality, twin relationships can be difficult to navigate and the relationship between multiples does not always run smoothly.

If you feel that you need counselling for issues relating to being an adult multiple you can contact the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) to search for a qualified counsellor in your area.

University and Beyond

Read the story of Jess & Dan as they leave home for separate universities.


Read the experiences of James & Tim as they develop outside relationships and marry. 

Learning to drive

Find out about Georgina and Victoria's experience of learning to drive. 

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Given the intense nature of twin and multiple bonds, the death of a twin or  multiple, whether at birth or later, is an incomparable loss. Surviving  multiples talk about the never-ending – and impossible – search for someone close enough to replace the missing sibling. It is a sense of loss that for some will never go away. Grieving multiples speak of it being like a jigsaw where there is always a piece missing.

If you have lost your twin or multiple sibling please contact The Lone Twin Network, all members are surviving twins and have had that unique understanding of what it means to lose part of yourself when your twin dies.



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Twinline 0800 138 0509. Free support and advice for people expecting twins or already looking after twins.