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School admissions pack

Tamba produces a Schools Admissions Pack to help you to decide how to choose the most appropriate school for you and your children. It provides a range of  resources including supporting letters from Tamba to help maximise your chances of obtaining places in the school or schools of your choice. We also want to try and ensure that the school or schools you choose give you a say in how your children are taught and, if there is more than one reception class, in whether they are taught together or apart. 

The pack has also information on deferring the start if you think your multiples are not yet ready for school: language delay and delays in walking, development of gross and fine motor skills and toilet training are all features regularly encountered in multiple birth children. Over time they are likely to overcome many of these things, but it may well be appropriate to defer or delay starting school so that children have the extra time they need to master the full range of preschool skills and experiences.

After a decade of Tamba campaigning, a new school admissions code  for England has been published, which includes a provision to stop twins, triplets or more being split up between separate primary schools against their will. Further information on school admissions can be found in our document about the eductational needs and experiences of multiple birth children. The Department of Education has also published advice on the admission of summer born children, for those who are thinking about delaying or deferring their starting year.

Preparing children

Twin sisters in their garden wearing their school uniforms

Starting school is a major change for all children and it is important to prepare them as much as possible. It is a good idea to talk to your children about what will happen at school, including how they will each make new friends. Talk to the children individually, so that they can voice individual fears and expectations.

If the children will be separated at school, let them practise being apart, for example, by attending separate sessions at playgroup or different days at nursery. Stress the positive aspects of separation without giving them the impression that you are hiding some nasty surprise. You’ll also need to get them used to doing things on their own (going to the toilet, for example) so that they become used to being separated. Make sure they can dress themselves without each other’s help.

Screenshot of twins video - Become a member of Tamba to view videosIt can be tough working out how and what type of placement is best for your children. If you feel you need more specialised help our consultants can help guide you through the process.

Also worth a read is the Tamba report that looks at the incidence of splitting twins across separate schools and the impact of classroom placement decisions on multiple birth children and includes data from the Twins Environment Development Study at Kings College. It also looks at families' access to different types of play facilities and delaying starting school.

Become a Tamba member today to listen to Tamba honorary consultant for primary education, Anne Thomas, discuss what you should take into account when choosing a primary school for your multiples.


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Tamba's Schools Admissions Pack - Register for free to download



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