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School admissions pack

Tamba produces a Schools Admissions Pack to help you to decide how to choose the most appropriate school for you and your children. It provides a range of  resources including supporting letters from Tamba to help maximise your chances of obtaining places in the school or schools of your choice. We also want to try and ensure that the school or schools you choose give you a say in how your children are taught and, if there is more than one reception class, in whether they are taught together or apart

The pack also has information on deferring the start if you think your multiples are not yet ready for school: language delay and delays in walking, development of gross and fine motor skills and toilet training are all features regularly encountered in multiple birth children. Over time they are likely to overcome many of these things, but it may well be appropriate to defer or delay starting school so that children have the extra time they need to master the full range of preschool skills and experiences.

Our free webinar ‘Multiple Choices’ has been designed to help parents who are facing the challenges of viewing possible schools and making the choice of where their twins, triplets or more should attend. This webinar may help if you have questions such as:

  • Should my multiples be together in the same class or apart in separate classes?
  • How do I know if my children should be in the same class?
  • What will the schools I am looking at do to help my multiples enhance their individual needs?
  • My multiples are summer born. Should I defer their school entry?


After a decade of Tamba campaigning, a new school admissions code for England has been published, which includes a provision to stop twins, triplets or more being split up between separate primary schools against their will. Until fairly recently, Tamba Consultants regularly dealt with referrals from parents who had been offered places in different schools for their multiples.This is fortunately now a rare occurrence, due mainly to the inclusion of multiple birth children as ‘excepted children’ – children who may be admitted to school even if this exceeds the 30 infant class size limit. 

If one of your multiples has an EHCP which guarantees admission to a particular school, you must let the LA School Admissions Team know this, as the SEN service will deal with the application of the child with the EHCP while the admissions service will deal with the application(s) for the other multiple(s). It can happen that twins or triplets in this situation will be allocated to different schools. To avoid this you might consider making an application for just one school for all your multiples, using social and medical grounds to argue that this is the only suitable school. It is best to seek advice from your LA admissions service in this case.

Further information on school admissions can be found in our document about the educational needs and experiences of multiple birth children. The Department of Education has also published advice on the admission of summer born children, for those who are thinking about delaying or deferring their starting year. Maggie Dorsman, one of our honorary consultants, has kindly put together this information on Part Time Attendance, Deferring and Delaying School Start.

If your babies were born prematurely Bliss have an excellent page regarding delaying/deferring school entry that you may also find useful: http://www.bliss.org.uk/starting-primary-school

Primary school applications in England for starting September 2019 open in November 2018, and the deadline for applications is 15th January 2019. School placement decisions for primary schools will be announced on the 16th April 2019. If you're looking to appeal the decision about which school your twins or triplets have been allocated for September 2019, then please see our School Appeals page.

For further information regarding preparing your multiples for school please click here


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