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Twin sisters in their school playground with hoola hoopsTwins or more at school - together or apart?

The first big question to consider about school is: together or apart? Can your children achieve independence from their siblings if they are educated together, or should they be separated? There are no absolute answers. You need to consider your children’s characters and the way they interact with each other, as well as the educational options available in your area. Of course if you have triplets or more, or if the school has one-form entry, this will affect your options.

In the beginning, as long as the children enjoy each other’s company and are not overly competitive, they are likely to benefit from starting together. Having siblings in the same class usually makes it easier to settle in – especially if they don’t know the other children. They can be separated later – and often are by the age of eight.

Ideally decisions should be reversible and whilst remembering that children spend more hours at home than at school, we must not underestimate the impact of school upon their lives.

If you are unsure and want some guidance about whether to school your multiples together or apart, take a look at the Hackney Learning Trust document, that was produced with Tamba's support Together or Apart guidance and checklist. This is a resource for parents deciding whether to put their multiples in the same or different classes. 

Blanket School Policies

Additionally, if your school has informed you it is their policy to either always separate multiples or always keep them together in class and you are not happy with this decision, you need to be aware that schools should not have a blanket policy recommending separation or keeping the children together in the same class. You need to discuss this matter further with the school. We have created a letter from our Chief Executive, Keith Reed, which you can print off and give to the school. We also have a 'Twins at school: legal basis for school classroom policies and any rights for parents' document which may be of use.

Below is a suggested step by step guide that you may want to use to address this with the school: Flowchart - Advice for entering twins, triplets or more into school.


All the documents mentioned in the above step by step guide can be accessed here:

Hackney small Letter to headteachers Schools legal memo

You can also watch our webinar 'Multiple Choices - Easing the Stress Around Transisition to Primary School' here.

In some cases it may be appropriate to refer you on to an Honorary Consultant for Primary Education.

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