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About Us 

Below Tamba President Judi Linney discusses how Tamba started.


Tamba is a UK based charity helping people around the world.  We were set up by parents of multiples and interested professionals in 1978.  Parents continue to set our policies and priorities.

Through our work we aim to ‘Save Lives’ and ‘Support families’ either through our ground breaking clinical and social research or our unique support services which help families who are often in desperate need.

The majority of our work is funded by families who want to help reduce the risks in pregnancy and birth and support those who are finding the challenges of parenting multiples too much to cope with on their own. 

If you would like to support us please consider joining our charity, making a donation, or taking part in another way.

Full Annual Report and Accounts

Annual Report and Accounts for 2015-16 (pdf doc) 

Annual Report and Accounts for 2014-15 (pdf doc) 

Annual Report and Accounts for 2013-14 (pdf doc) 

Annual Report and Accounts for 2012-13 (pdf doc) 

Annual Report and Accounts for 2011-12 (pdf doc)

Annual Report and Accounts for 2010-11 (pdf doc)

Annual Report and Accounts for 2009-10 (pdf doc)

We are a registered charity number 1076478, Scottish Charity Number SC041055, and a registered company number 3688825.


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