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Tamba policies

Building Individuality

Tamba's policy on how we can help support children's development.


Tamba's policy on feeding multiple birth babies. 

Fertility Choices

This response (word doc) to the fertility regulator's (HFEA) consultation outlines what choices our families believe should be offered to individuals who are undergoing fertilty treatment and who should make the decisions. According to the HFEA's own document, only a tiny proportion (3%) of respondents to their own consultation agreed with their current policy to set a cap on the percentage of multiple births each clinic is allowed. This was opposed by the British Medical Association. Unfortunately, it is likely to add £1000s of additional costs to patients, the majority of who pay for the treatment privately.

Privacy policy

This outlines the privacy policies for Tamba's website, including what data we collect and our policy around information sharing. 

Photo and Video policy

Tamba's policy on photos and videos are used.

Social Media policy

Tamba's social media policy outlines how we use social media and online groups, including out posting guidelines and moderation policy.


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