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Bereavement support


The Tamba Bereavement Support Group (BSG) exists to support all parents and carers of multiples who have experienced loss whether it was during pregnancy, at birth or at any point afterwards. We are so sorry for your loss and hope that by making contact with the BSG you will find some comfort.

The group was established in 1982 in response to requests from parents who had lost a twin.  Dr Elizabeth Bryan, a founder member of the the Twins and Multiples Births Association (TAMBA), recognised the special needs of such families and started it off by producing the first leaflet of its kind on this subject. As more people contacted the group it became clear that families faced with the loss of both twins had yet another set of problems, as did parents who had suffered a cot death. 

Tamba BSG offers parent to parent support via our befriending service and via our facebook bereavement support group

You can download an electronic copy of Tamba's bereavement booklet here. If you would like a hardcopy of the booklet, or like to have further support from the group, please email the Support Services team.

Tamba  now have a separate electronic booklet for parents who have suffered a loss from TTTS, if you would like a copy of this booklet please send us an email.



Many bereaved parents find Tamba's BSG service a great help and like to fundraise or donate to this specific service in order to help other parents who might go through the same experiences in the future. This is by no means compulsory and our first priority is to support you.  However, if you are in the 'right place' now and would like to make an immediate donation specifically to Tamba's BSG, you can do that here or use the pink 'donate now' button at the top of this page.  

You might also find some of our current appeals of interest because they are designed to prevent the loss of twin lives:

New! Tamba's Big Research Appeal 

Devastatingly, every day in the UK a multiple baby dies. Tamba wants to change this and thats why we've committed to undertaking the widest multiple pregnancy research programme anywhere in the world, which should save lives and reduce prematurity. This September (2015) we have launched our NEW BIG Research Appeal in order to fund seven pieces of potentially life-saving research over the next couple of years, costing at least £60,000.  We have partnered with the British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society (BMFMS) to find the best researchers to undertake this work and the BMFMS think this research is so important they have agreed to double any donations up to a maximum of £20,000 this year!  For more information visit our appeal page.  If you would like to make an immediate donation go to the appeal donation page.

TTTS Appeal 

In our quest to reduce the death rate for multiple birth babies Tamba has also raised £30,000 via our TTTS Appeal in order to provide a national registry of TTTS cases, treatments and outcomes.  This should improve patient care, lead to better outcomes and provide useful data for future research. The Registry will launch in October/November Autumn 2015 and should contribute towards our goal of fewer TTTS Angels and more TTTS survivors.  Although we have raised funds for the initial set up of the Registry, we will continue to need funding for the running costs of the registry and to appoint a research midwife to liaise with hospital units and ensure data is captured and inputted correctly.  We will also be adding TTTS complications to the database such as TAPS and TRAPS.  If you are interested in finding out more or would like to support the appeal please go to the TTTS appeal page or to make an immediate donation go to the TTTS Appeal donation page.

If you would like to actively fundraise in some way for either the BSG, Tamba's BIG Research Appeal or our TTTS Appeal please contact Luciewigley@tamba.org.uk. For any other fundraising query please contact shelleysmith@tamba.org.uk 

Do you need a translator?

If you want to access our bereavement services, but struggle with English, we can provide you with an interpreter to help you access this service. All you have to do is call the office, or get someone to call on your behalf,  on 01252 332344 and request a translator. From there we will then organise a time and date to give you a call with a translator on the line.

Tamba’s translation services are provided by LanguageLine Solutions. who can translate into over 180 different languages. See our translation page for more information.