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Fundraisers' Stories

Inspiring Fundraising Stories for the BSG, Big Research Appeal and TTTS Registry

We have had some lovely donors and fundraisers supporting Tamba's Bereavement Support Group, Big Research Appeal or the TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome) Registry to help support other bereaved parents and save tiny lives in the future.  Tamba would like to say a huge thank you to them all and would like to share with you some positive fundraising stories from some of our bereaved families.

Sharon Darke in memory of Charlie and Joshua

Oxfordshire parent Sharon held 18 special events over 18 days, starting on the 18th birthday of the boys, to fundraise for Tamba’s Bereavement Support Group. Tamba supported the Darke family when they sadly lost their boys and Sharon is now the charity’s bereavement group coordinator. Click here to read her story.

Lizzie Woolnough in memory of Beau

“We lost one of our beautiful boys, Beau to TTTS. We are so lucky that his brother Wilfred survived and is now thriving, happy and healthy.  We can think of no better way of honouring the son we will sadly never watch grow than by helping TAMBA in their efforts to save more babies like him.  Tamba also work tirelessly to support bereaved parent like Ben and I and have been a great source of comfort.”

Lizzie is planning to run a half marathon in 2017: justgiving.com/fundraising/Lizzie-Woolnough

Jodie Hutson will be taking on an Icelandic Lava Trek to raise money for TTTS 

“I am taking part in an organised charity challenge – a 58km Lava Trek in Iceland.  I will be trekking over challenging terrain, in every weather condition (sun, rain, snow and lots of ice!) for three days.  I have never completed anything like this before and the prospect terrifies me!"

Read why Jodie is fundraising here: tamba.org.uk/bereavement/jodie-hutson

Emma Dutton and her husband will be doing the Great Midlands Fun Run in June and raising money for TTTS in memory of their son, Elijah

“On 15th Februar y 2016 we had our 18 week scan and found out we were having identical boys! We were then dealt the blow that we were showing signs of TTTS.  TTTS progressed very quickly for us and in five days we were at stage 3 and having the surgery plus two litres of fluid drained under local anaesthetic.  We were scanned afterward and the good news was that the boys survived the surgery!  On February 29th (20 +1 weeks) we went for our follow up scan and my little boy lay on the screen not moving, no little wriggles, no little bubbles, and no heartbeat.  That image will never leave my memory.  He was given the name Elijah. The next 15 weeks went by in a daze and on 16th June 2016 we welcomed our beautiful boys.  We are raising money so that hopefully, in time, no other parents have to lose their babies and no other brothers or sisters have to grow up without their twin.”: justgiving.com/crowdfunding/rememberingelijahprince

John Jousiffe will be running the Edinburgh Marathon in May to raise money for the Big Research Appeal

 “In September 2015 my sister and brother in law had to say goodbye to their identical twin boys due to a very rare complication called OEIS (complex). In this horrendous circumstance I have seen the work that Tamba have done via their bereavement support groups to assist them with their grief and felt first-hand how difficult it is for families to accept the tragic death of unborn babies.  This is an issue close to my heart and so I wish to assist others by raising money for research to work towards treating the many, many complications that twin pregnancies can present.”: justgiving.com/fundraising/JohnJousiffe 

Steven Hughes ran the London Marathon to raise money for TTTS in memory of his twin boys

" I would just like to dedicate this run not only to my twin boys but I would also like to dedicate it to my wife Rosanna ....No amount of time can heal what happened but we just get through each day together as a family and try and grow stronger."   To read their story please visit: tamba.org.uk/bereavement/steven-hughes      

Tiffany Turner will be running the Wild Mud Run to raise money for Tamba’s TTTS Appeal in memory of Harry and Joshua

Tiffany says Tamba “is a charity I’ve only recently heard of because unfortunately, my dearest friend and her husband lost their boys in July 2015 to TTTS.  Harry and Joshua would be turning two this year.  Two very special boys is all the reason I need to do this mud run.”: justgiving.com/fundraising/TIFFANY-TURNER80

Kylie Davidson took part in a colour run in memory of her nephews Jacob and Luke Davidson

“This is a charity which means a lot to me as I lost my beautiful twin nephews due to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.”: justgiving.com/fundraising/kylie-davidson

Harriet Clark arranged a pub fundraiser in memory of her twins

A lively day was enjoyed by all when Harriet Clark organised a pub fundraiser in memory of her twins.  There was food, drink, music and a raffle.

Louisa and Keith Kelly decided to do a coastal walk in memory of their girls Erin and Ava.

In memory of our girls Erin and Ava, we raised money for the Big Research Appeal by walking the Wirral Coastal Walk of 15 miles. We have never walked that far before and after years sat on our bums behind a desk it was a personal challenge for us both to accomplish. If the money pays for just a few hours of the researchers’ time we will have made a difference, so please help us help them.”

Read their story here: tamba.org.uk/bereavement/louisa-and-keith

Graham Fletcher cycled the Etapes Du Dales in memory of his sons Anthony and Rory.

“Last year, Libby and I lost our twin sons to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.  In memory and to raise much needed funds for the charity, I chose one of the toughest cycle rides in the country to complete.  With some major climbs equivalent to a Tour mountain stage and some steep and technical descents, it is an extremely difficult 110 mile route across the Yorkshire Dales in one day"justgiving.com/fundraising/Graham-Fletcher7 

Lisa Osborne in memory of Phoebe Rose Osborne

“My identical twin baby girls were born unexpectedly on 1/12/15 at 30 weeks gestation, Phoebe was unfortunately born sleeping and Chloe fought on in neonatal but has severe brain damage. We still do not know the reason why Phoebe was not alive when I went into hospital for a planned scan but the evidence after their birth showed some kind of acute twin to twin transfusion had occurred, we don't know why or when.  I wanted to raise money for Tamba’s Big Research Appeal by asking friends and family to donate at Phoebe's funeral.”

Grandmother Sue wrote a love letter to the grandsons she never got to play with to support our TTTS Registry campaign

Dear Jacob and George

I didn’t get to see you in your school nativity - George, such a serious Innkeeper, and Jacob fidgety in a scratchy shepherd’s costume. I chose Christmas presents for you – I popped them in the Salvation Army collection box.

I can't believe you are five already. Izzie and Poppy sang Happy Birthday and blew out your candles. You sent me a double rainbow, soaring high above my neighbours rooftops.

Last June, when my buddleia came into bloom, I watched as you played tag around the bush, tumbling and frolicking in the sunshine. Every summer I gather pebbles and shells for your sandcastles, and each autumn I fill my pockets with conkers - burnished brown like grandad’s polished brogues

Jacob, I see you when Cousin Josh kicks a ball, and I glimpse you in Poppy's cheeky grin. George, I hear you in Izzie’s giggle, and see you in Cousin Eloise's funny frown. I feel you both as the sun warms my face, but when my other grandkids are chasing around the garden, two of the gang are missing.

Izzie tells me you are stars in the sky, but she wishes you’d come down and play. I wish that too.

Jacob, in one breath we said hello and goodbye. I watched your little face - eyes tightly closed. A flutter of life as an angel tickled your nose – I wish my gentle breath could have filled your lungs with oxygen… I rocked you gently, and told you how much we all love you – Mummy, Daddy, your brother George - such a big loving family. You left us with an ache in our arms, and a gaping hole in our hearts.

George, as I cradled you, you reminded me of my dad – arms folded and slightly irritated as if someone had disturbed you - long fingers and your mummy's rosebud lips. Poor little soldier, you’d been through such a battle… You are Jacob’s big little brother - now you must look after each other.

My darling grandsons, I wish you’d had more time with your mummy and daddy, because your mummy and daddy are truly amazing. I won't ever forget you – I carry you with me always and forever. I’m so grateful I had the chance to hold you and tell you how much you mean to me.

All my love.

Granny xx
Sue Bamblett, from Crowborough, East Sussex. 

Sue also wrote a blog piece about writing your way through your healing journey. You can read it here: tamba.org.uk/bereavement/sue-bamblett                          .


Please feel free to donate to any of the fundraisers pages or if you would like to contribute generally to either the Big Research Appeal or the TTTS Appeal then please visit campaign.justgiving.com/charity/tamba/bigresearch or www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tttsappeal

If you have been inspired by the stories and would like to do something to actively fundraise for either the Big Research Appeal, the TTTS Appeal or the BSG then please contact LucieWigley@tamba.org.uk

For more information about the Big Research Appeal or the TTTS Appeal  you can visit our website www.tamba.org.uk/big-research-appeal or www.tamba.org.uk/ttts  Alternatively contact Shelley Smith (Head of Fundraising) on 01252 332344 or email ShelleySmith@tamba.org.uk