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Many bereaved parents find Tamba's BSG service a great help and like to fundraise or donate to this specific service in order to help other parents who might go through the same experiences in the future. If you would like to make an immediate donation specifically to Tamba's BSG, you can donate here or use the pink 'donate now' button at the top of this page.

BIG Research Appeal

Please note, links away from this page may contain photos of twins, triplets and more.

A recent report from MBRRACE-UK (a national organisation investigating maternal and infant deaths) confirmed that multiple pregnancies make up only 3% of all pregnancies but contribute towards 6.5% of stillbirths and 13.7% of neonatal deaths. This is much higher than in other pregnancies and means that more than one twin, triplet or quad doesn’t make it each day.

Almost half of multiple births are born premature and this is a major contributing factor to the high death rates. Surviving preterm babies also face long term neurological damage and disabilities.

We have committed to undertaking the widest multiple pregnancy research programme anywhere in the world, which should save lives and reduce prematurity. All the seven planned pieces of research will help to reduce some of the risks associated with multiple pregnancies, namely prematurity, still birth and neonatal death rates, helping to make things safer for mum and babies.

We have partnered with the British Maternal & Fetal Medicine Society (BMFMS), a professional group for doctors dealing with pregnancy and birth, to offer research bursaries to attract the best scientists and specialists to work on the different elements of the programme. We want to fund at least two bursaries per year. The first research bursaries will be awarded early in 2016.

How much does Tamba need to raise?
Tamba needs to raise at least £60,000 over the next couple of years to fund the full research programme. Our initial target for this year is £20,000 so that we can award the first bursaries in 2016 to get the research programme kickstarted.

Why should I support Tamba’s BIG research appeal?
Ultimately you will help to save lives and make future multiple pregnancies safer for all, reducing the number of parents suffering a bereavement. 



The good doctors at BMFMS think this research is so important they have agreed to match £ for £ any donations made to the appeal this year up to £20,000!

Donate NOW to double your donation. Note clicking on donate now will lead to our donations page for this appeal. It does contain picture of newborn twins. 

For further information please see Tamba's BIG Research Appeal page

The TTTS Appeal

Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) is a rare but life-threatening condition affecting identical twins who share a placenta (monochorionic).  It can also occur in triplet pregnancies which include monochorionic twins. One twin (the donor) transfuses blood to the other twin (the recipient).  If TTTS is left untreated 90% of babies will die, so if the condition is severe enough families are referred to a special fetal centre for laser ablation and/or amniotic reduction. Even with treatment there is a 10-20% chance of the surviving babies having long term disabilities. Previous to our TTTS Appeal there was no national database recording cases of TTTS in the UK and there is far too little research conducted.  That is why we joined forces with St. Georges hospital to set up a national registry of TTTS cases, their treatments and their outcomes. Crucially the registry will help to guide clinical practice and provide better patient care for those suffering from the disease. It will also provide data for future research and long term follow up of TTTS treatments and outcomes. 

We successfully raised £30,000 to set up the initial registry which will be on-line October / November 2015.  However, this on-going appeal because we need to raise money for the annual running costs of the database and also want to appoint a research midwife to liaise with hospital units and ensure the data is entered correctly.  We also will be adding TTTS complications such as TAPS and TRAPS to the registry.  

TTTS has a variety of outcomes, sometimes with both babies surviving, sometimes one baby is lost to the disease and sometimes, sadly both babies will die. We want fewer TTTS Angels and more TTTS survivors.

If you would like to make an immediate donation please TEXT TTTS01 £5 to 70070 or visit our donation page.   If you would like to help by fundraising for this appeal please email shelleysmith@tamba.org.uk 

For further information please see our TTTS Appeal page

Past Appeals: Beanstalk

Research into growth charts for multiple birth pregnancies

For the first time in 2014 Tamba undertook research into the world of life saving medical research to benefit multiple birth families.   As you all too sadly know that having a multiple birth increases the risk of stillbirth, neonatal a perinatal death.

The research lead to the development of a twin specific growth chart.  Previously no accurate growth chart existed for twins anywhere in the world meaning that they were measured using singleton charts and clinicians were left to use their own judgement to determine how they were progressing.  The growth chart will enable improved identification of growth restricted twins that are at increased risk of stillbirth or special needs. Furthermore the chart will also reduce false identification of normally grown twins that appear to be small when assessed using a singleton growth chart.

If you feel you would have benefited from having a twin pregnancy growth chart or are interested to assist in future appeals please contact Shelley Smith.