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It’s BIG. It’s innovative. It’s world-leading and lifesaving.  It’s PHASE 2!

The BIG Research Appeal is an extension of our passion and commitment to make all multiple pregnancies safer than they are today, for both mums and babies. 

Having commissioned research to produce twin pregnancy growth charts and the first ever national registry of TTTS pregnancies, we are now spearheading the widest multiple pregnancy research programme of its kind anywhere in the world.

We promised, with your help, to raise a minimum total of £60,000 to fund seven pieces of crucial research. Having raised the first £20,000 (matched by the British Maternal &Fetal Medicine Society) and commissioned the initial three pieces of research, we are now entering PHASE 2 of the appeal to raise the next £20,000 for more urgent research!

Incredibly, BMFMS DOCTORS will DOUBLE your DONATION once again!  They will match £ for £ any direct donations or fundraising for the appeal up to £20,000!

We will be commissioning further research in partnership with the BMFMS and supporting other institutions/researchers to look at reducing risks specifically associated with multiple pregnancies. Things such as the high rate of prematurity; high levels of still births and neonatal deaths; complications around the labour and delivery of more than one baby; as well as very specific issues, such as Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), Mono Mono twins, Growth Restriction and Triplet/higher order pregnancies.


Why should YOU support Tamba's BIG research appeal?

ONLY WITH YOUR SUPPORT can this research happen.  YOUR donation or fundraising event will help to:

  1. Reduce the number of babies born too early
  2. Reduce the number of babies and parents enduring neonatal care 
  3. Reduce stillbirths & neonatal deaths
  4. Improve treatments and survival rates for TTTS babies & other multiple specific conditions

Ultimately, you will help to save lives and make future multiple pregnancies safer for all! Please start TODAY…


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