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It’s BIG. It’s innovative. It’s world-leading and lifesaving.  It’s PHASE 3!

The Big Research Appeal is raising money for the largest research programme of its kind in the world.  It’s designed to prevent TTTS and prematurity and to ultimately save tiny lives.  This is the third year of the appeal (where did we get the imaginative name of PHASE 3 from?!) and our enthusiasm and commitment has only increased with time. This has been spurred on by YOUR incredible support and the huge achievements we have seen


The Story so far…

Like a parent holding the hand of their child when it takes their first wobbly steps, YOU were with us when we took our very first step towards investing in clinical research about five years ago. We launched the Beanstalk Appeal to raise money for research to produce the world’s first accurate twin pregnancy growth charts. These took a little longer than we expected to get onto hospital systems but in July 2017 the first twins were born who had been measured using the new charts – a significant landmark in medical history!

Our second steps together came with the creation of the first national Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) Registry to record all cases of TTTS in order to gather key data to improve clinical practice, measure short and long term outcomes and improve treatment options.

Our third step is the Big Research Appeal and so far, with your help, and that of the British Maternal & Fetal Medicine Society (BMFMS), we have commissioned FIVE crucial clinical studies: 

  1. Single intrauterine fetal death in monochorionic twin pregnancies

  2. Neurodevelopment outcomes in twin pregnancies with complications, including twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), single intrauterine death, selective intrauterine growth restriction, twin reversed arterial perfusion sequence (TRAPS)  and twin anaemia polycythemia sequence (TAPS)

  3. Prevalence of monochorionic monoamniotic (MCMA) twin and triplet pregnancies and to compare birth outcomes and clinical management of these pregnancies

  4. Emergency Cerclage in Twin Pregnancies at Imminent Risk of Preterm Birth

  5. Examination of the Myometrial Transcriptome in Twin Pregnancies

In addition to this, our research programme has led to a twenty-fold increase in the number of fetal medicine centres publishing research papers on the complexities of treating multiple pregnancies.  

All of this shows what the multiple birth community can achieve and that together we can do great things!

What now?

Phase 3 sees our investment in research continue and we need to raise the next £20,000 to commission the final two pieces of research to complete the seven pieces we promised at the beginning of the appeal. The British Maternal & Fetal Medicine Society (BMFMS) will once again match this funding, meaning that DOCTORS will continue to DOUBLE your DONATION at no extra cost to you!

Only with your continued support can we do this and we hope you will be just as excited as we are to create more medical landmarks.

Stay with us on the journey we began together

We know we ask a lot of you to make a donation and that fundraising for the research is hard work, but boy will it be worth it! 

  • It will make YOU part of medical history
  • The simple act of giving or fundraising will make YOU a life-saver
  • YOU will help TTTS babies receive the best treatment and increase their chances of survival
  • YOU will help to reduce the number of babies born prematurely
  • YOU will help to reduce still-births and neonatal deaths
  • YOU will help to reduce the number of parents and babies enduring neonatal care

Help us spread the word & motivate others to help too

What motivates you to give? What does it for you? Are you moved by facts, figures and impact measurements? Are you a ‘people person’ moved by personal stories of hardship or survival?  Or, are you an idealist, motivated by the idea of something better and the change you can make?

We want you to make a donation to our PHASE 3 Appeal if you can or do some fundraising towards it.  We would also like you to persuade others to donate or fundraise – it might be your friends and family or it might be the company where you work and your colleagues.  This might be useful information for you.

For those who like NUMBERS / COLD HARD FACTS

  • Multiple pregnancies make up only 3 per cent of all pregnancies but contribute to 6.5 percent of stillbirths and 13.7 percent of neonatal deaths.  This means that more than one twin, triplet or quad dies each day

  • Almost half of multiple births are premature and this is a main contributing factor to the high death rate

  • Surviving preterm babies often face neurological damage and disabilities (Twins are 6x more likely to have cerebral palsy than singletons)

For those who like PEOPLE’S STORIES

"At 29 weeks pregnant, I went into hospital to be monitored as I had felt limited movement.  That day we received the devastating news that we had lost one of our little girls".  


Read Louise's TTTS story here.


For those who want a BETTER WORLD

Simon Bradley, one of our fundraisers, told us that the thought of EMPTY COTS got him through his gruelling 69 mile run along Hadrians Wall – a fundraising event aptly named The Wall – and home in time for Father’s Day. 

He told us that:

“At around mile 59, I hit empty.  I had just about nothing left.  I saw a tree stump and sat down.  I couldn’t see how I could get up…walk…let alone run.  One phrase came to mind – empty cots.  Some friends of friends lost both twins to TTTS and that thought of coming home to empty cots is haunting.  I felt so tired and getting up from that stump was one of the hardest things I’ve done, but it’s nothing in comparison to what that couple had to face”.

Read more about Simon's fundraising here.

Having NO MORE Empty cots is a driver for our life-saving research and in the future we want a world where all multiple pregnancies are safer than they are today and babies are born healthy. YOU can help us achieve that.

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