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Monster Marathon or Scary Skydive...Raise cash and have a good time FUNdraising!

Tamba member and proud father of three old twins, James Askew, took part in the Dark Skies Run, a starlight running challenge in Northumberland during Storm Katie in March!  He raised over £855.  

Patricia Maitland Smith will be running the Henley half marathon in October.  Trish tells us “I came across Tamba when researching my high risk pregnancy. It turns out that I’m one of the lucky ones. My girls were healthy at 36 weeks and needed no neonatal care. It’s heartbreaking thinking I could have possibly come home with only one baby or worse.  Tamba is a charity devoted to twins and multiples in every way. I feel compelled to give something back as I was tremendously lucky and want to help families that weren’t. “

Louisa and Keith Kelly decided to do a 15 mile coastal walk in memory of their girls Erin and Ava. 

“Sadly our identical twin girls were stillborn at 24 weeks. They had TTTS (twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome) at 20 weeks. Further research is essential in understanding this condition so future parents don't have to go through what we've been through and little lives are saved. We raised £910 for the Appeal. After years sat on our bums behind a desk it was a personal challenge for us both to accomplish. If the money pays for just a few hours of the researchers’ time we will have made a difference, so please help us help them. 


 Tamba member, Louise Gourley and mum to six children (yes six!) including twins, incredibly managed to take part in 4 different running events over a 12 month period to raise money for Tamba’s Big Research Appeal.

She is proud to tell people that “Right now Tamba are doing a massive fundraising appeal to do research into prematurity and how they can save these tiny premature babies.  We were lucky and got to 36 weeks but some families aren’t."

A big thank you shout out goes to every single one of our fabulous donors and fundraisers for supporting the Big Research Appeal! If you're feeling inspired to fundraise, contact LucieWigley@tamba.org.uk.

Could you fundraise at Work?

Where do you work?  Does the company you work for make charitable donations, have a corporate trust fund, choose a charity of the year, support payroll giving, take part in fundraising events e.g. dress down Fridays that Tamba could benefit from?  Would you be willing to nominate Tamba for support?  If so, please contact Shelley Smith, Head of Fundraising, on 01252 332344 or email ShelleySmith@tamba.org.uk

Simone Avery organised a Dress Down Friday at Work for our Big Research Appeal and Amy Bowers applied to her work place trust fund:

“My name is Amy Bowers and on 24th March 2014 my identical twin girls were born via emergency section after suffering acute TTTS. The company I work for (Schuh) has a trust fund, and every year they welcome applications from employees for donations to be made to charities that are close to our heart. As a mother who has had to deal with the pain of  acute TTTS, I made an application for Tamba’s TTTS appeal, the precursor to the Big Research Appeal. Shelley, Head of Fundraising, helped with the application to explain the specifics of how a donation would be used and how it would be of benefit.

I was so pleased I could apply to the trust fund and show the appreciation us TTTS families have for the charity. Our application was successful and Schuh awarded a massive donation of £7,000. My girls are two now and miraculously both of them seem to have escaped completely unscathed by this awful disease, even though my donor baby Layla's life was hanging by a thread for five days. I really wanted to be able to help future families experiencing TTTS and I feel so lucky I was able to make such a fabulous contribution via my employer.”

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