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Big Research Appeal

It’s BIG. It’s innovative. It’s world-leading and lifesaving.  And we have now raised the first £20,000!

In 2006, a study into multiple pregnancies identified urgent topics for research. Five years later many remained untouched. So in 2011, when the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence produced clinical guidance for multiple pregnancies and identified urgent research topics, we decided we wouldn’t let the same thing happen. We’ve committed, with your help, to undertaking the widest multiple pregnancy research programme anywhere in the world, which should save lives and reduce prematurity.

Two years ago we committed to research that successfully produced twin pregnancy growth charts, which are starting to be used in hospitals around the country. You also helped us raise money to produce the first-ever national registry of TTTS pregnancies, treatment and outcomes, which will be coming on-line Autumn 2015. The BIG research appeal is an extension of our passion and commitment to make all multiple pregnancies safer than they are today, for both mums and babies.

What will the research cover? How will my donation be spent?
Our BIG research appeal will fund seven pieces of research which seeks to identify…

1. If an emergency cervical cerclage is effective in delaying very premature delivery
2. The incidence to monochorionic, monoamniotic twin and triplet pregnancies and the most effective clinical management strategies for them
If additional information and emotional support improves outcomes in twin and triplet pregnancies
If specialist twin pregnancy growth charts have an impact on clinical outcomes
If specialist antenatal care for women with twin and triplet pregnancies improves outcomes for women and their babies
6. The role of Doppler ultrasound in the management of sIUGR (Selective Intrauterine Growth Restriction), TTTS TAPS (a variant of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome) and term pregnancies
The most effective long-term treatments for TTTS, sIUGR and the surviving twin following the death of a co-twin

Who will do the research?
We have partnered with the British Maternal & Fetal Medicine Society (BMFMS), a professional group for doctors dealing with pregnancy and birth, to offer research bursaries to attract the best scientists and specialists to work on the different elements of the programme.

Dr Richard Smith, from the BMFMS explains: “Our ultimate goal is to improve standards of pregnancy care. We are thrilled that Tamba have pledged to invest in clinical research to elevate standards in the care of multiple pregnancies to help reduce prematurity, stillbirth and neonatal death”.

We want to fund at least two bursaries per year. As of April 2016, thanks to your support, Tamba has raised the first £20,000 toward the appeal, which generously matched by the BMFMS,is enabling the first three research projects to go ahead.

How much will it cost?
Tamba needs to raise at least £60,000 over the next couple of years to fund the full research programme.

We have reached our initial target of £20,000 and have awarded the first bursaries early in 2016 to get the research kickstarted. Your support however, is still very much needed to help us raise the remaining £40,000.

Why is Tamba’s BIG research appeal so important?
A recent report from MBRRACE-UK (a national organisation investigating maternal and infant deaths) confirmed that multiple pregnancies make up only 3% of all pregnancies but contribute towards 6.5% of still births and 13.7% of neonatal deaths. This is much higher than in other pregnancies and means that more than one twin, triplet or quad doesn’t make it each day.

Almost half of multiple births are born premature and this is a major contributing factor to the high death rates. Surviving preterm babies also face long term neurological damage and disabilities.

All the planned pieces of research will help to reduce some of the risks associated with multiple pregnancies, namely prematurity, still birth and neonatal death rates, helping to make things safer for mum and babies.

 Why should I support Tamba’s BIG research appeal?
 Only with your support can this innovative, world-leading and life-  saving research happen. If  you make a donation or fundraise in  support of the appeal:

 1. You will help to reduce the number of babies born too early.
 2. You will help to reduce the number of babies and parents  enduring  neonatal care.
 3. Ultimately you will help to save lives and make future multiple  pregnancies safer for all



 The good doctors at BMFMS think this research is so important  they  have agreed to continue to match £ for £ any donations made  to the appeal this year up to another £20,000!

 So the sooner you make a donation or fundraise, the better…

 Donate NOW to double your donation.

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