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The Parenting 10 Commandments

27th December 2017 

When it comes to parenting, for some things there simply is no right or wrong answer.

But we think there are a few “Parenting Commandments” that every parent should stick to. (Maybe print it out for the kids to read too?)

1. Thou shalt not get too stressed if the washing-up isn’t done before bed.
Life is too short to worry about the odd spoon and bowl.

2. Thou shalt get the eight hours sleep I deserve.
Not necessarily every day. But perhaps aim for at least once a week? And speaking of sleep….

3. Thou shalt get my children into a good sleep routine and try my best to stick to it.
Need some tips on getting there? Click here

4. Thou shalt not envy my non-parenting friends.
Yes they may be able to jump in the car and drive somewhere without performing military-like operations to get everyone ready first, but our multiples are awesome.

5. Thou shalt channel Elsa and learn to “Let it Go”.
You won’t see the carpet until they’re 18. We just have to face the fact toys will litter our living room for a few more years.

6. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.

You don’t have to be religious to know that Sundays should be sacred – we should all try and spend it as a family rather than catching up on emails or checking social media.

7. Thou shalt not put cartoons on repeat.
We’ve all done it – used TV as a distraction for far too long. It’s understandable. But if you’d like some ideas on getting your multiples more active, click here.

8. Thou shalt not let it all get too much.
Raising multiples can sometimes be tough. If you have a problem you’re struggling with our Honorary Consultants service may be able to help.

9. Thou shalt make multiples mum and dad friends.
No one understands a family of twins and triplets like…well, a family of twins and triplets. So join your local group and meet like-minded people who may even have a few tricks up their sleeve you’ve never heard of. 

10. Thou shalt enjoy my children.
Yes, sometimes their behaviour isn’t great, and they know exactly how to test our patience, but we wouldn’t change them for the world.  


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