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10 things we love about being a parent of multiples

22nd September 2017

1. Holding hands 

A twin in each hand, walking down the street with pride. Or watching strangers marvel at our triplets, all three of them linking arms together.

2. Kisses and cuddles

We’ll never get bored of lots of little arms around our shoulders for a big group hug. (You can read up on bonding with your babies here.)

3. Watching them learn new things

The looks on their faces at an aquarium or museum, or even a bug on a leaf at the park, is something we’ll treasure forever.


4. Family Days Out

Whether it’s with both parents, one parent, grandparents or aunties and uncles, our multiples families are so varied! 

5. Reading Stories Together

“…and daddy, do the proper voices this time!”

6. Receiving handmade cards and gifts

The glue might not have quite dried yet and there might be more glitter on the floor than on the paper, but we love everything they make us.

7. Going to the cinema

They love munching popcorn together and we can sneakily try and shut our eyes for ten minutes when the lights go down. (If you’re a member and stuck for ideas, visit our discounts page to see where you can save money on days out.) 


8. Watching them sleep

They look like little angels when they’re dreaming. And the peace and quiet is an added bonus for us parents too!

9. Seeing them bond together

We love the multiples bond! Secret twin baby babble? Triplet whispers at the dinner table? The way they can be arguing one minute and hugging the next? We love it all!

10. Hearing "I love you"

They can be little scallywags at times, but we wouldn’t trade them in for anything. We love our multiples and we especially love hearing when they love us too.

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