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12 Very Real Struggles for Parents of Multiples

5th January 2018

Having twins, triplets or more is an amazing gift and makes us members of a very special club

But while our parenting friends are figuring out what to do with one tiny human, we’re juggling two, three or even four of them!

Has that bottle been in the steriliser yet? Which one has been fed this morning? Whose nappy needs changing now? What day is it? Where am I? – Just a few of the many questions we ask ourselves on a day-to-day basis.

So we found 12 relatable gifs that’ll make you go “that’s me”, do eye-roll emoji (most used emoji by multiples parents, we’re pretty sure) and hopefully a little “laugh out loud” too.

  1. Getting asked the same questions over and over again.

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    No, they’re not identical. Yes, I’m pretty sure because one is a girl and one is a boy. No, they don’t run in the family. Yes, I do have my hands full. No, it’s not double trouble, I prefer to say ‘double the love’.

  1. Deciding who to pick up first when they all cry at the same time.

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    No one is a winner in this game of chance. No one.

  2. Envying the purse/wallet of your friends.

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    Babies are expensive. I thought 5lb was a bargain until I realised that’s just their weight. If you do want to save some dough, become a Tamba member and enjoy discounts-a-plenty.

  3. Being approached by strangers. Every. Single. Time. We. Go. OUT. 

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    We’d prefer the celebrity status if it also came with the celebrity budget, make-up crew and nanny services.

  1. Trying not to compare their milestones.

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    Reassuring myself that just because one triplet crawled first, doesn’t mean the others won’t follow suit soon.

  1. When they’re all in clean outfits, booties on, hair brushed….and someone throws up.

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    Do they actually do this on purpose?

  1. Carrying in both twins from the car at the same time.

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    No need for arm day at the gym. Which is good, because we don’t have time for the gym.

  2. Using the “free time” when the grandparents are round to do chores.

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    Freedom! What shall I do with this glorious free time? I’ll use it to buy baby powder and bread. #funtimes

  3. Waiting for the day when no one wakes up at 3am crying or wanting food.

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    They’re 18 soon. So any day now.

  1. When it’s 4am and you’re 100% sure you fed your kid. You just don’t know WHICH kid.

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    Parenthood is confusing. But as long as you’re not trying to eat your car keys and open your car with a banana, that’s a win, right?

  2. Phoning to get back-to-back appointments.

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    “You want one for each baby? On the same day? Try back in three years.”

  1. Hosting a family event and working out how many people you’re cooking for.

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    All we know is it’s a LOT of pasta and vegetables.

 primary school or starting soon, click here).

“You’ll get bed sores if you stay in bed any longer,” – Clare

“Right, that’s it! Up to your room,” – Sharon

And finally….

We really liked this one from Zoe, who posted: “I asked my girls what Mummy says the most and they replied ‘I Love You’.”

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