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Tamba develops new tool to improve maternity care for multiple birth pregnancies across England

28th May 2018

Expectant Multiple Birth Mums across England are set to benefit from Tamba’s new tool that helps maternity units across England follow the government National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines.

When you find out you are expecting a baby (or two, three or four), you’ll attend a booking in appointment – this is your first official antenatal appointment. The purpose of this appointment is to record lots of information about your health and to talk about the pregnancy, including when you can expect to receive further antenatal appointments.  

Currently, there isn’t a standard form for maternity units to use to book in Mums that are expecting twins, triplets or more. Some units have developed their own forms while others are using a single baby booking form.

Tamba identified this as an inconsistency across units and developed a multiple birth specific booking in form, named the Multiple Pregnancy Antenatal Care Pathways Proforma. By using the Multiple Pregnancy NICE endorsed proforma form booking all the way through the pregnancy, all the important information is recorded at the key points of your pregnancy specific to your chorionicity and it'll encourage quite a few of the NICE guidelines to be followed too. 

We submitted the Multiple Pregnancy Antenatal Care Pathways Proforma to NICE for their endorsement as we wanted to be able to have an external endorsement from a recognised health organisation that our proforma should be used.

‘We’re absolutely delighted that NICE has endorsed the Multiple Pregnancy Antenatal Care Pathways Proforma, this will make a huge difference to multiple birth families’ Jane, Maternity Unit Engagement Project Manager.

This new form, provided to maternity units free of charge, will provide healthcare professionals with a tool to ensure they meet specific aspects of the multiple birth NICE guidelines. It’s hoped that this will further improve the maternity care for our families by ensuring that they receive the specialised care they need. In addition, we know from previous research that following NICE guidelines can reduce stillbirth rates and neonatal admissions.

The Multiple Pregnancy Antenatal Care Pathways Proforma can be downloaded by healthcare professionals on the healthcare professionals section of our website. Healthcare professionals can also access the form via the NICE website. 

Parents are encouraged to ask their healthcare professionals if they are using the Multiple Pregnancy Antenatal Care Pathways Proforma. If you are expecting multiples it’s worth checking out the NICE guidelines to see what care is recommended for you.  

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