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The A-Z of multiples

27th October 2017 

We hope you enjoy browsing our A-Z of Multiples.

Maybe it’ll highlight some useful resources you never knew existed, or perhaps just give you a chuckle?  

Let us know which one is your favourite or make your own letter suggestions on our Facebook page.                           


Anatomy. Being a parent of multiples means juggling thousands of thoughts and not knowing which one should take priority.


Breast or bottle? Feeding more than one can sound daunting, but our feeding page will hopefully put you at ease. You may also wish to sign up to a breastfeeding webinar. 


Clubs. A chance to meet other parents of multiples who understand what you’re going through. Find your local club here


Dinner. Ahhh the joyous and thankless task that is dinner time with toddlers. Why would they make life easy? That would be silly! 


Expecting. If you’ve just found out you’re pregnant with twins, triplets or more, start at the very beginning – our pregnancy pages


Favourite. Our favourite sayings as a parent of multiples. We heard our own parents saying them and now we internally cringe when we use them on our own kids. Oh the irony! 


Getting out the house. Our non-parenting friends might not appreciate the joyous independence of sporadic pops to the shops for bread and milk, but life as a parent of multiples can sometimes be a struggle – have you SEEN the size of our buggies? If things are getting on top of you there is always someone to listen and help. Twinline is open 10am-1pm and 7pm-10pm every day of the year. Call 0800 138 0509 or email anytime on asktwinline@tamba.org.uk


Hugs. Double, triple and quadruple hugs are the best.


Individuality. We love how similar they are. We love how different they are. How do you enhance your multiples’ sense of individuality? Find out here.   


Jurassic Park. Have we seen a more relatable meme? No, no we haven’t. J could also stand for “juggling” too. How many things do we juggle walking out the door? School bags, handbag, PE kit, packed lunches, ingredients for cooking class, toys for the journey…




Lottery. What’s your lottery fantasy? Just a holiday might be nice! From just £1 per week, you stand a chance of winning £25,000! But every week is a winner really, because 50p from every £1 you give comes directly to Tamba. Sign up here.  


Membership. Blatant plug we know, but seriously, why aren’t you a member yet? For just £2.80 per month you get access to more than 100 companies signed up to our discounts scheme, extra info to help with looking after multiples and our awesome Multiple Matters magazine four times a year. Join or renew here.  


Noise. No need to get a hearing test with multiples around – they’ll reassure you your ears are definitely still working. 


Older ones. We’re not all about babies and toddlers here at Tamba. So we couldn’t have an A-Z without celebrating our awesome teenage and older multiples families too. If your twins, triplets and more are in secondary school or older, visit this page here for support. 


Preparing. If you’re new to Tamba, chances are it’s because you’ve just found out you’re expecting twins, triplets or more. Congratulations! Any multiples parent will tell you that being prepared is key. Try our Practical Preparing For Parenthood class or webinar for tips and ideas.


Quads. If you’re in the Quad Squad you’re in a very exclusive gang. There are usually only about two sets of quads born every year in the UK, although in 2016 there were FIVE in England and Wales. Download our factsheet we designed especially for our triplets, quads and more families.


Research. We know that investing in the right pieces of research can save lives. We have ambitious plans, but if we think big, we can achieve big. Find out more about our projects here.


Support. Tamba has an incredible team of supporters including our Twinline listeners, honorary consultants, breastfeeding peer supporters and more. You can find out about our support services here


Turtley awesome! Well, we couldn’t narrow it down to either “twins” or “triplets” could we? There’d be a riot! So instead, T stands for Turtley. 


Underwear. And socks. And PE kit. And basically all the laundry that never seems to get done.


Volunteers. We simply couldn’t keep going without the great support we receive from volunteers who spend their free time (what free time?) training for marathons, organising cake sales and generally being amazing to raise money for Tamba. If you want to tell us about your fundraising, or you’re stuck for ideas and need help, email luciewigley@tamba.org.uk Need inspiration? Click here.  


Work. And more importantly, leaving work for maternity leave. Did you know you may qualify for a Sure Start Maternity Grant? This page also has handy information and videos on maternity allowance and statutory maternity pay. 


Xtra help. (Okay, we cheated). One of the top tips we hear time and time again from our parents is “if you’re offered help, accept it”. Multiples are a joy, but they can be a handful at times. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We have more amazing tips in this blog post.  


Yearn. When our multiples are around we yearn for peace and quiet, for a tidy house, for no arguing and for a hot cup of tea. But when we’re apart from them, we yearn to have them back again.


Zzzzzzz. Our sleep. Their sleep. Sleep in general. If you have questions about sleep, visit our 0-12 months page here or one year plus page here.

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