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5 Things all Parents Have Learned to Accept

20th November 2018

If you’re a parent of twins, triplets or more then we’re sure you’ve got your responses to the usual questions down to a tee and you know that realistically your house will never be spotless and your washing is never done. You’re ok with it. You’ve learnt to let these things go. In fact, you had to quickly learn to accept a lot of things, including a few from this list we’re sure

You will be exhausted

“Sleep when the baby sleeps” – not only is that a struggle because your multiples don’t always settle at the same time, you’re also trying desperately to cross some things of the ‘to do’ list.

Your social life can feel non-existent

You can’t remember the last time you got to go out with friends for a nice dinner or a couple of drinks. Or the last time you were awake enough to be able to go out in the first place! It’s not all bad though, your POM (parents of multiples) friends are a lifesaver at your local club and make up for the missed get-togethers.

Going shopping is a pain

A quick trip to the shops that once took 30 minutes out of your day will now turn into a full day trip with little ones in tow. It takes you long enough to get out of the house and that’s before you get the inevitable comments of ‘double trouble’ or ‘you must have your hands full’ from other shoppers.

They grow too quickly

It seemed only yesterday you could hold them all in your arms for a cuddle on the sofa, now they’re running rings around you on the way into school. They’ll be off to college before you know it!

It’s hard but oh so worth it

Some days can seem a real struggle but all it takes is a hug or quick ‘I love you’ for you to realise it is worth every second. You may have had to learn to do things differently but you wouldn’t change it for the world


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