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6th February 2018 

Love playing on the beach with the twins and the family dog? How about taking the triplets out to a castle for the day?

We really enjoy seeing your “out and about” pictures and marvelling at how much time you spend doing activities as a family.

And for the first time ever, national statistics have been released* about how children aged 8 to 15 spend their leisure time.

The boffins at ONS (Office of National Statistics) say children in this age group spent just over an hour (68 minutes) of their leisure time (on an average day) taking part in an outdoor activity, sports-related activity or travelling on foot or by bicycle.

Boys spent, on average, 40 minutes per day on sports activities compared to 25 minutes for girls.

The average amount of leisure time children spent in parks, countryside, seaside, beach or coastal locations was 16 minutes per day.

And children say they enjoyed entertainment and culture activities (eg visiting historical, wildlife and botanical sites, urban park playground and leisure parks) and sports and exercise (eg jogging, biking, ball games and productive exercise like picking berries) more than other outdoor activities.

So why is this so important?

Well, in the past it was quite common for children to spend more of their leisure time outdoors. But now children have a greater access to technology like mobile phones, computers and televisions which might mean they’re spending less time outside and more time sat on the sofa. Childhood obesity levels are now at record levels (fewer than a quarter of children meet the minimum daily physical activity recommendations, according to NHS Digital, 2017).

The government is encouraging more physical activity in young ones and here at Tamba, we are too!

Our Movement for Multiples pages are designed to start them off young, with videos for children aged 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18 months to 3 years.

We also have tips on our Family Life page on how multiples can get outside AND stay safe during holidays.

Joining your local multiples club can also be a real help. Many clubs arrange day trips, sponsored walks and events throughout the year which get families active.

And for the older ones, why not combine sport activity or running with the chance to raise money for Tamba

The NHS campaign Change 4 Life also has some inspirational tips for you and the kids, including running, swimming, cycling, dancing, walking and 10 minute shake-ups based on Disney films.

You can read the full statistical report on “Children’s engagement with the outdoors and sports activities” here.  

*All statistics were taken from surveys in the UK during 2014 & 2015 and released January 2018.

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