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5 thing parents are allowed to say

2nd May 2018

Ask a parent what the best job in the world is….you’ll get a few that say ‘being a mum or dad’. That doesn’t mean it isn’t the hardest job though. Sometimes it’s a struggle, and that’s ok, because we’re all in this together.

Here are 5 things you’re allowed to say as a parent of multiples…

I’m so tired

Seriously, find us a parent that isn’t knackered and we’ll be amazed! Having a baby is tiring, having two or more is absolutely exhausting. How to cope? Swap the housework for a 10-minute nap, treat yourself to a slice of cake and check out our sleep pages for 0-12 months and 1-year plus. If someone asks why the toys aren’t put away or the laundry hasn’t been done, tell them Tamba gave you the day off!


I’m feeling lonely

When it’s just you and the babies you can feel isolated but remember, you’re not alone. Visit our clubs page to find your local club and meet parents of multiples that totally understand your struggles. Our Facebook page is also a great place to chat to other mums and dads and is the perfect online support network for busy parents.


I didn’t know that

All of a sudden you have 100 new daily tasks you didn’t have to do before…it’s ok to not have each one perfected straight away. The parenting books don’t teach you how to remove nappy rash cream from cushions or how to read minds but guess what, that’s because they don’t know how either! Shhh.


I’m feeling lost

Sometimes you may just need a listening ear from somebody that has been in your situation. Whether you would like to chat about expecting twins, triplets or more, feeding, sleeping, starting school, embarking on the teenage years and beyond, or anything else multiples related - Twinline can provide the support you need. 

Twinline is open every day from 10 am to 1 pm and from 7 pm to 10 pm on 0800 138 0509
If you prefer not to call but would still like to contact us for some support, please email us.


I love them so so much

These are all normal thoughts for parents to have. It’s ok to feel sad, angry or tired. It’s also ok to love them so much you feel lost without them. All parents dream of that afternoon where the grandparents offer to babysit but in reality, you miss them the second they’re gone because nothing is better than hearing their giggles and giving them cuddles.


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