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Why parents of twins or more are amazing

30th April 2019

Some days you may feel like you’re failing. On a good day, you might even feel stunningly average. We’re here to tell you why, as a parent of twins, triplets or more, you’re smashing it!

You’re hilarious

And don’t let your kids ever tell you otherwise!

The laundry is done

Hey, it’s not all of it but that pile from 3 weeks ago is done and that is an achievement worth celebrating

Multi-tasking is second nature

You made breakfast, got them dressed and even made plans to visit Grandma. Who needs a PA?!

You’re patient

Even half an hour into the long-winded story about how great picking bogies are, you care and want to listen.

You’re the next Ralph Lauren

The mismatched clothes they’re in doesn’t matter if it’s the next new trend!

You’re a teacher

It doesn’t always feel like they are paying attention but then you see them cracking the puzzle you’ve been helping them with and the proud feeling sets in

Holding it together is a skill

You haven’t slept and you’re not sure if you’ve put on clean clothes today but you’re owning it!

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