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How to make the most of your antenatal check-ups

26th May 2019

Finding out you are pregnant with twins, triplets or more can be a big surprise so we’ve come up with some tips to help you get the most out of your antenatal check-ups.

Ask if the hospital has a specialist midwife/doctor for multiple births and ask for your antenatal care to be with them.

Do not feel hurried or rushed through your appointments; ask for extra time to discuss issues that concern you.

Make a list of questions as you think of them so you can remember them at your next check up

Mention all the symptoms you are experiencing even if you think they are probably normal. Your healthcare professional will be able to put your mind at rest or investigate further if needed.

If you are not happy with the care given ask to speak to another midwife/doctor.

Bring a snack, drink and maybe something to read or a little toy if you have young children with you as there will be times when you may have to wait around.

Remember your hospital notes.

For more information about what to expect from your antenatal care, download our Healthy Multiple Pregnancy Guide.

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