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Top 10 Baby Names for Boys and Girls

31st October 2017 

Have you ever wondered how popular the names of your multiples are?

Well if you’re a parent to Oliver or Olivia, chances are there will be a few more babies with the same name when you join your local multiples club

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has revealed the top baby names for 2016 and Olivia and Oliver came out number one.

The statistics are based on babies born last year in England and Wales. They also compared them to ten years ago, to see how times have changed.

Top Boys' Names


Top Girls' Names 

If you can’t spot your own name, or the names of your multiples, there is also a fun interactive graph you can use to see where you ranked on the year you were born (assuming you’re younger than 112! They don’t go back further than 1905).

Click here to read more on the ONS website. We also had some great news from the ONS - multiple stillbirth rates have dramatically decreased. You can read all about it in our previous blog here. 

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