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6 Ideas to Help Mark the First Day of School

2nd September 2018

Whether it’s back to school or the very first day of primary, here are some brilliant ways to mark this special occasion.

  1. The Traditional Door Photo.
    Is it even the first day of school if you haven’t taken a photo of the kids outside the front door?
  2. Day One Signs.
    Fashion a sign saying “Day One of Reception Year”, “Day One of Secondary School” etc and get the children to hold it together. A different take on a classic photograph.

  3. The Hand Tree.
    Make a painted handprint on the first day of school every September and write information like their name, the date and their school teacher down the fingers. Over the years you’ll have enough to form a tree picture, with all the different sized handprints resembling leaves. (Even better if you use green paint!)

  4. The School Time Capsule.
    Save things from their first week of school like a grocery receipt, some coins, a picture they have drawn and a newspaper. Save it all in a time capsule you re-open when they finish school.

  5. The Self Portrait.
    Why not encourage your children to draw themselves on day one every year? And perhaps write a sentence or two about what they’re looking forward to? You’ll be able to see how their drawing skills and handwriting has developed over the years. Plus, it’ll be a lovely scrapbook of memories.
  6. The Interview.
    Ask your children some questions to see how their personalities change every year. Some suggestions are:
  • What’s your favourite book?
  • What’s your favourite food?
  • Who is your best friend?
  • What’s your teacher’s name?

Write them down or, better yet, video your children answering them!

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