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Get your twins to bed in 'only' 47 steps...

31st January 2019

"One more story", "I'm not tired", "I need to pee" ... As parents, we hear it all but we've narrowed the bedtime routine down to 'only' 47 steps!

  1. Tell the twins it’s time for bed
  2. Repeat yourself. Louder this time, because they’ve developed selective hearing
  3. Wait for them to stop crying
  4. Assure them that sleep isn’t a punishment and everyone does it
  5. Explain that yes, this will happen every night
  6. Tell them it’s time to go upstairs
  7. Wait, while they crawl as slow as possible… in the opposite direction
  8. Pick them up
  9. Carry them upstairs
  10. Put their pyjamas on
  11. Listen to twin 1 complain about them being the ‘wrong’ pyjamas
  12. Pick out a different pair… that is also wrong
  13. Listen to twin 2 complain they also want their other pyjamas
  14. Promise them that the washing will be done tomorrow and they can wear their favourite ones then
  15. Roll your eyes internally, knowing that tomorrow they won’t want that pair anyway
  16. Ask them to come to the bathroom to clean their teeth
  17. This is another struggle on its own. See our teeth cleaning dilemmas...
  18. Ask them to choose a book to read before bed
  19. Tell them not to squabble and to pick one nicely
  20. Try not to raise your voice when telling them that if they can’t pick one, they won't get one
  21. Realise they’ve chosen the longest book and try to shorten the sentences as you read
  22. Dodge the 100 questions they asked only last week when you read the book before
  23. Tell them it is time for a kiss goodnight
  24. They suddenly become desperately thirsty and need some water
  25. Get them the smallest glass you can get away with
  26. Kiss them goodnight and back away slowly
  27. They will call out for a hug
  28. How can you say no? You give them a quick cuddle and walk out of the room
  29. Don’t get comfy, 5 minutes later they need the toilet (that glass of water was a bad call)
  30. Wait while twin 1 sits on the toilet insisting that they're still desperate but launch into a 10-minute story about their teddy bear
  31. Once they have finished, you take them back to bed
  32. Repeat steps 26-28 again
  33. Twin 2 tells you they need the teddies .. you know, the ones from the story
  34. Ask them where they are
  35. Be told neither of them know
  36. Look under the bed
  37. Look downstairs
  38. Check the car
  39. Realise they were hiding them under the duvets all along
  40. Tell them that it is way past their bedtime now and it is time to sleep
  41. Be asked 3 VERY important questions about life
  42. Make up some nonsense that you hope answers them enough
  43. Say goodnight… again
  44. Walk out
  45. Pray that one of them doesn’t call out again
  46. Walk downstairs and put your programme on
  47. Relax for 10 whole minutes… they’re calling for you again!

Getting your twins, triplets or more to settle at night can be difficult and it is common for parents to experience this. If you’re struggling, we have a sleep webinar aimed for parents with multiples aged 1-5 years old that helps with bedtime routines and top tips to help get them off to the land of nod. Click here to find out more or visit our sleep page to hear sleep experts address challenges specific to mutiples.

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