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14 Signs You're Better at This Parenting Thing Than You Think

9th February 2018 

As parents, we can sometimes be guilty of beating ourselves up. Okay, we’re not going to get it right all the time, but who decides what “right” is anyway?

We thought we’d celebrate all the parents of multiples out there with these 14 signs you’re better than you think. Enjoy.

  1. Your children have clothes on every day. Okay, sometimes the socks don’t match. And maybe there is a small stain. And on Sundays, you count pyjamas as clothes. But they’re clothed and warm and that’s all that really matters.
  2. You have parent friends. They may not be your best friends, you may only see them at your local multiples club, but you know you can rely on them for a sanity check or emergency babysitting. 
  3. You know you’re a parent, not always their friend. Sometimes you have to be the mean person who says “no”. But parenting was never going to be smiles and sunshine 24/7.
  4. You know your kids’ friends. You know who they like playing with. You know when they fall out. And you know which friends will be in it long-term.
  5. You realise (and accept) you have no idea what you’re doing. Surprise surprise – no one does. There’s no magical rule book and guide when it comes to parenting. What works for one family won’t work for another. But we’re all learning on the job.
  6. Keeping up with the Joneses is unnecessary and impossible. The grass isn’t always greener. And no one suffered a bad childhood because it lacked the latest tech.
  7. You make time to do something you enjoy. Be it a bath, catching up on the soaps or doing an exercise class you love. Make time for you.
  8. You know some things are beyond your control. Your children will get upset. Your children will have setbacks. Your children will suffer disappointments. Children go through these things in order to learn and grow.
  9. You take pride in their successes. You’re pleased as punch when they do well and rightly so.
  10. You go with your instincts. Sometimes you have to silence the voices (aka Latest Parenting Expert/ Fad Trick etc) and do what’s right for YOUR family.
  11. You know that “Supermum” has problems just like the rest of us. You may envy the parent who always looks like they have their act together. But you also trust that everyone has a story you know nothing about and everyone has their own set of problems. 
  12. You question your decisions. Like the yearly appraisal at work, you regularly check up on your parenting skills too. Can you do things better? Was that the right decision? There are no magic answers, but constantly reviewing yourself is a sign you’re doing it right.
  13. You’re the best “boo-boo” fixer. A kiss and cuddle from you is better than any plaster. Fact.
  14. Your children feel safe and loved. Because actually, that’s all they really want.

And remember….if you do need a listening, understanding person to chat to, we have a team of volunteers here to take your calls. Twinline is for all multiples families and is open 10am to 1pm and 7pm to 10pm. Call 0800 138 0509 or email asktwinline@tamba.org.uk

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