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Tamba excited for new venture

3rd November 2017 

The Tamba team was excited to see the launch of the new Elizabeth Bryan Multiple Births Centre in Birmingham.

Charity CEO Keith Reed attended the official launch of the centre, which is a new collaboration between Birmingham City University and the Multiple Births Foundation.

The centre’s name recognises the work of paediatrician Dr Elizabeth Bryan, founder of the Multiple Births Foundation and former president of the International Society for Twin Studies. It is being jointly led by Jane Denton and Dr Merryl Harvey.

Mr Reed said: “We were really excited to be invited to the launch and see and hear for ourselves the incredible work staff at the centre have planned.

“We are looking forward to working in collaboration with the Elizabeth Bryan Multiple Births Centre in order to make this project a thriving success.”

The centre will provide education and training programmes for healthcare and allied professionals, establish a research programme for all aspects of multiple births and support provision of the best possible care for multiple birth babies, children, parents and families.

The launch was held on Thursday, 21st September 2017 and included a programme of short presentations, including a video clip from the university’s chancellor Sir Lenny Henry.

Sir Henry said: “This will bring real benefits to the families of twins, triplets and more.”

To see the video and read more about the centre click here.

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