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Trip trip..HOORAY. More triplets! 

19th December 2017 

If you’re on the Emerald Isle you may start to notice a few more triplets in your neighbourhood.

That’s because the number of triplet pregnancies has DOUBLED in Northern Ireland.

The latest figures from Northern Ireland’s NIRSA show there were a total of 359 sets of twins born last year and 14 sets of triplets – a total of 373 multiple birth maternities. This is a rise from the 2015 figures, which saw 347 sets of twins and 7 sets of triplets.  

This means 1.57% of women who gave birth in Northern Ireland in 2016 had a multiple birth.

All this despite the fact births on a whole decreased in the country, as our table below shows.

Incidence of multiple births in Northern Ireland


Meanwhile in Scotland, there were slightly fewer triplets welcomed into the world in 2016, according to the National Records of Scotland.

Last year there were a total of 53,898 maternities. Of these, 815 involved a multiple birth. There were 804 sets of twins born and 11 sets of triplets.

Compare this to 2015 when there were more multiples born - 806 sets of twins and 16 sets of triplets, as our table below shows.

Incidence of multiple births in Scotland

*Please note that “maternities” means the number of women who gave birth, not the total number of babies born. The figures in both tables include both live births and stillbirths.

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