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Twins work together for a good cause

14th July 2018

Environmentally passionate 8-year-old twins Miranda and William Herrington-Young got to meet their hero Sir David Attenborough recently.

The twins, whose mum Ellie worked on Tamba’s strategy a few years ago, took part in a sponsored Scoothalon for four years to raise money for wildlife conservation charity, World Land Trust.

The twins, from Leytonstone, East London, have raised more than £900 so far which has supported the charity, of which Sir David is a patron.

The money has helped projects such as vital reforestation in Bolivia, fighting wildfires in a protected reserve in Armenia’s Caucasian mountains and protecting key habitats for wildlife in Brazil.

Mum Ellie said: "Miranda wanted to do a fundraising event and William wanted to support an organisation protecting wildlife.

"We were looking for a charity that Sir David Attenborough supported because they have watched his natural history programmes all their lives and trust him to recommend superb conservation work.

“We found out that Sir David is a patron of World Land Trust and we all loved that they buy land in order to ensure animals are protected for generations and that the conservation is run and developed by local communities who understand and are committed to their own local area.”

Ahead of their latest scootathlon challenge, which involves a running race, scooter race and bicycle race, on July 7, World Land Trust invited the dedicated fundraisers to meet Sir David at a reception following the charity’s annual general meeting.

Dan Bradbury, director of communication and development at World Land Trust said: “We’re delighted that Miranda and William have had the chance to meet their conservation hero and Sir David was very happy to meet them and congratulate them on their fundraising efforts.

"We are grateful that the twins and their family have chosen to support World Land Trust for several years and that they want to take an active role to help us save land and save species in some of the most threatened habitats around the world.”

Tamba says: “It’s wonderful to see twins working together to raise funds for something they feel passionate about.  And to get to meet their hero is just the icing on the cake!

“Well done Miranda and William – we look forward to hearing about your next fundraising endeavours!”


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