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6 Bedtime Excuses all Parents Have Heard... 

17th July 2018

Bedtime is probably one of the trickiest time of the day – they’re tired, you’re tired and yet it’s the time when you need the most patience. Any of these excuses sound familiar? What excuses do your children use?

1. I’m thirsty…of course, as soon as they trek off to bed they suddenly remember how thirsty they are or how absolutely STARVING they have suddenly become.

2. The light is too bright, the light isn’t bright enough. Ok baby bear, I’ll adjust all the lights until they are ‘just right’.

3. I’ve hurt my little toe – as soon as they enter bed they do a full body scan to check for any minor cut or graze and decide to let you know how much it hurts.

4. I need a wee or poo – right at that moment you finally have them into their bed, cue children standing in the toilet trying to squeeze out a wee. As a parent you know they are just playing for time but it really isn’t worth the risk, is it?

5. I haven’t done my homework or I need a random ingredient for my food tech project tomorrow….aaarrgghhh, why does this only come to mind just before bed on a Sunday evening.

6. Depending on the age of your child - Just one more book/chapter/YouTube video…pleeeasseee!! Whatever it takes to delay bedtime.

Exhausting, isn’t it? Yet, as parents, we’re thinking up excuses so we can head to bed early as we’re exhausted from a full on day with the kids! Zzzzzzzzzz!

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