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Once upon a time... you found out it was twins

26th February 2019

Today is National tell a fairytale day.

Once upon a time, you were thinking how nice it would be to have a baby.

Then one day the stork turns up with not one, but two babies!

How lucky we are, how blessed, how wonderful, you sing sweetly to their daddy as Disney-style tweety birds fly around your head.

Everything is perfect, you have two gorgeous bundles of joy and you live happily ever after.

The End.

If only.

We all know that while having twins, triplets or more is a blessing, it’s also not quite a fairytale!

Let’s face it, the thought of giving birth to two babies can be mind-blowing – but it will be fine, honest.

After the first twin scan, you get ‘the talk’. Informative yes, but you start hearing ‘high-risk pregnancy’. Er, where have the Disney tweety birds gone?

There are so many scans booked that whilst re-assuring, you wonder about buying your own parking space at the hospital. It’s then that you realise the due date isn’t going to be the day they come as twins usually arrive earlier. (Actually, do any babies really arrive on their due date?!)

Phew, and that’s before they are even born!

But oh, when they do arrive it’s a wonderful moment. You feel so lucky. The fairytale is beginning to return.

When they fall asleep holding hands, your heart melts, when they start giggling with each other and cannot stop, you want in on the joke, and when they start chatting and playing with each other it’s a blessing and you know they’ll always have each other. Ahhhh.

The years go by and you have many ‘moments’ and you didn’t realise that you’d become a professional referee in the process as they have yet another ‘disagreement’.

But hey, we wouldn’t change it for the world, would we?!

Back to fairytale land.

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