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8 Reasons why our POM Friends are the best

13th April 2018

POM Friends. That’s “Parent of Multiples” Friends by the way. Because when you have twins, triplets or more, you have to make everything as short as possible due to lack of time!

We think our POM Friends are the best support network ever. And here are some reasons why…. 

  1. They listen to all your weird stuff.

    “…and then I found it in the bathroom cupboard of all places.” They listen when you haven’t had coffee, they listen when you’ve had too much coffee, they listen when the kids are winding you up, they listen when you love your kids. They’re generally just pretty good listeners. Why? Because next week they’ll be having a similar moan. 

  2. They know how you feel.

    When you’ve got two, three or four multiples (and their siblings) to look after and they say “I know how you feel” they actually DO know how you feel.  
  1. They offer to babysit….and you know they’ll do a good job.

    They pick up the little ones from school when you’re running late from work. And you know they won’t be overwhelmed or scared because they’re bossing at being a POM themselves.
  1. They tell you the truth.

    We might not always want to hear it, but there is no-one blunter or more direct than a POM. Especially one who’s just seen orange juice go flying all over her car seats.

  2. They can do a vanishing act….but it doesn’t matter.

    Sometimes we don’t hear from them for weeks on end, but the second they reappear we’ll be there for each other. We understand that sometimes life just gets in the way and you THINK you’ve replied to the text when actually you read it while doing 15 other things but never typed a response.
  1. They know your family.

    They know Cara is the one who doesn’t like pineapple. They know Charlie is always fussy about how his shoes and socks go on. They know Peter burns easily and needs lots of extra suncream. They know.
  1. They laugh WITH you, not AT you.

    It’s especially great when it’s one of those belly laughs where tears roll down your face and you can hardly breathe. A proper good laugh is just the medicine we need sometimes.
  1. They’ll love you through thick and thin.

    Sometimes they’re an intolerable idiot, sometimes you are. But good POM friends forgive each other. Because we all know that big rant wasn’t actually about us, it’s just life gets a bit insane sometimes. And hey, if you need to get it off your chest to someone else, there is Twinline too. Call 0800 138 0509 or email asktwinline@tamba.org.uk  -lines are open 10am-1pm and 7pm-10pm every day of the week. All the volunteer listeners are POMs too!

Want to meet other Parents of Multiples (POMs) in your area? Find your local Multiples Club here.  

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