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10 funny bedtime excuses from our twins and triplets

13th June 2019

In an ideal world, your little ones would run to bed happily, give you a kiss goodnight and be fast off within 5 minutes… there’s no harm in dreaming.

Unfortunately, it would seem kids are programmed to be eternal night owls until they hit their teens where they have to be forced to leave their bed. If only they realise how things would change!

Some of our twin and triplet parents at Tamba share the funny excuses they’ve heard for why their children absolutely cannot go to sleep…


You didn’t kiss teddy goodnight and now he’s sad


There’s a monster under the bed … (the bed was flat to the floor so that would be an impressive hiding place for it)


I want to stay up and play with the monster that I was petrified of last night


It’s morning outside (while it’s still pitch black)


I’m too tired to go to bed


The voice in my head keeps talking to me


I need to check my emails


I’m having a bad dream (they hadn’t even closed their eyes yet)


It is too dark with my eyes closed


My bed is facing the wrong way

If you're struggling to get your little ones to go to bed, and stay there, we have a sleep factsheet containing helpful tips and a sleep webinar which looks at routines and techniques to try aimed at ages 1-5.

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