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6 laughable things that are said to parents of twins or more

4th April 2019

Colleagues, friends, even strangers, as parents of twins, triplets or more we hear some pretty ridiculous things

“Buy one get one free”

  • Try, buy one, get one for the same price again!

“Are they really twins/triplets?”

  • No, I stole one of them when I realised how similar they looked

“Are they identical?”

  • One has blonde hair and one has brown soooo….

“Which one is the naughty one and which is the good one?”

  • This isn’t a tv show. Come back to reality.

“You didn’t wait long until you had your second then?”

  • Nope. About 3 minutes and 14 seconds. Give or take!

“Are they the same age?”

  • Yes, that’s how it works

What ridiculous things have you heard while out with your twins or triplets?

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