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Graham and Vanessa's Story

30th May 2018

We had waited a LONG time for our baby to arrive and had a good deal of help from some fantastic medical teams. We won't mention how many rounds of IVF and how many thousands of pounds we spent but goodness me, it was SO worth it. When our consultant examined me and said "I think there might be two in there....." we cried and laughed and cried and laughed and then some more.

To be having twins! WOW! We were overjoyed. And here they are – at one year - and we adore them - Verity and Jemima. And then, we realised we knew nothing about having twins and raising twins and so the research and reading started. 

TAMBA was recommended to us by our hospital team and once we made contact, joined and attended the Practical Parenting seminar we never looked back. A wealth of support with courses, webinars and the helpline (which we used) and now two fabulous groups of twinnie Mums and Dads and twins that we meet and socialise with.

My pregnancy went very well - no hiccups at all and a trauma-free birth - I was very fortunate but we knew that there was plenty of TAMBA support there if we had needed it.

And then when the girls were born, we received literally hundreds of cards and presents - everyone was so happy that at last, the babies were here and well and healthy. We were overwhelmed by people's generosity and kind words.

And then we planned the baptism and it was at that point that it seemed wrong and slightly overwhelming to be going through all the present giving again so we decided to suggest that family and friends donated to TAMBA instead - to support the cause we had benefited from hugely and to support parents of multiples who perhaps had not been as fortunate as us. Everyone thought it was a great idea and there was a lovely mix of special gifts for the girls and donations made.

And then, the twins were one - just a few months after lots of wonderful Christmas presents! And so we suggested the same again at their first birthday and family and friends decided once more what suited them best.

We are not sure how much we have raised but every little bit helps; the girls still have beautiful gifts and treasures from those special occasions and TAMBA families have benefited too!

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