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7 Reasons Why being a Grandparent of Multiples is the Best Job in the World

20th April 2018

If you’re already a grandparent of twins, triplets or more, you’ll probably already know what an amazing job title it is and nod along as you read some of these statements. For those about to become grandparents of multiples, here’s why you should definitely be getting excited.

1. Every day is a school day.  
If you already have grandchildren, you’ll know that babies and children will surprise you each and every day. Embrace being a grandparent of multiples and learning new things. Did you know there are different types of identical twins for example? Or that their multiples bond starts in the womb? Welcome to the fascinating world of multiples!

2. “Twins are twice the effort, but much more than twice the fun”
Wise words from grandma Jill Tatham. You can read her story and other words of wisdom from grandparents of multiples in our factsheet.

3. “The love you feel is overwhelming”.
This was just one of the many comments we received when we surveyed grandparents of multiples back in 2015.

4. You can really make a difference for your own children.
Becoming a parent to twins, triplets or more can be overwhelming. Grandparents can provide a really good support team to help out. This help can be anything from caring for older children to pitching in with housework. All your efforts will be appreciated. And if you do have a burning question or just want to get a few things off your chest, you can call Twinline on 0800 138 0509 (open 10am-1pm and 7pm-10pm. The listeners are all parents of multiples and no question is a silly question!)

5. “It’s a bit like herding two drunk people home from the pub.”
Yep, this is an actual quote from a grandparent featured in our Grandparent Factsheet. But this is a plus we promise – because every day you will laugh, smile or be moved to tears at something amazing your grandchildren did. Treasure these moments. 

6. You’re part of a very special club.
Welcome to the Tamba Family! We’re biased, but we do think being a parent or grandparent of multiples is the best job in the world. And you’re free to show off photos of your little ones, discuss any issues and generally have a natter in our closed Facebook group for grandparents of multiples. Sign up here by emailing your Facebook details to our team. (We have lots of closed Facebook groups, so don’t forget to tell them it’s the Grandparents Group you’re interested in!)

7. You’re now a celebrity!
Prepare for all the questions and comments as you walk down the street, because going anywhere with multiples is bound to attract attention. We love that people are fascinated by our little ones (okay, we love it MOST of the time, not when we’re in a rush). Embrace the celebrity status – it reinforces what we already know: MULTIPLES ARE AWESOME.

Don’t forget to check out our Grandparent Factsheet here and sign up to our closed Facebook group for grandparents of multiples by emailing your details to our support team here.


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