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24 Cute Halloween Costumes for the Kids

28th October 2017 

We love seeing your spooktacular costumes for your twins, triplets and more.

These un-boo-lievable ideas will hopefully give you a fright AND some ideas for both boys and ghouls.

Good luck haunting down the perfect costume!                    

1. Witches

Cast a spell and fill your cauldron with goodies.

2. Fairytale Characters

3. The Shining Twins

4. Finding Nemo

How a-DORY-ble are these costumes?

5. Zombie Brides

6. Freddy Kreuger

7. Animals

Cute and fluffy more your thing? You can't go wrong with a cuddly animal outfit!

8. Batman and The Joker

9. M&Ms

10. Pirates

Dressing as a pirate is sure to help you find the gold bars. Yum! 

11. Chase and Marshall

12. Vampires

13. DC Comic Characters

14. Devils

Couple of troublemakers? Hopefully just for the night!

15. Frankenstein

16. Peter Pan

17. Ghostbusters

If you're not a fan of all the ghouls, why not get out your proton packs and catch some ghosts?

18. Dr Seuess Characters

19. Skeletons

20. Elsa and Olaf

They may be from Frozen, but they warmed our hearts.

21. Mummies

22. Zombie Princesses

23. Doctor Who

24. Pumpkins 

No Halloween would be complete without a pumpkin.. or two.. or three..

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