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Health Visitor Week

26th September 2016

Health Visitor Week is running from 26– 30 September 2016 to showcase, highlight and celebrate the incredible work of health visitors.

At Tamba, we know they are a vital resource for parents of multiples, especially at the early stages of parenting when bringing home your little ones can seem overwhelming.

The service they provide can vary depending on where in the UK you are based, but their involvement ranges from baby weigh checks to one year checks and developmental checks.

Helen Turier, Tamba’s support services manager, said: “Health visitors can access Tamba’s resources, by signing up to our FREE Continuing Professional Development area of our Tamba website, so there is a range of information in there they might find useful.

“Health visitors can also call our Twinline Helpline 0800 138 0509 if they have a multiple specific query.

“We hope health visitors will share with families of multiples that Tamba is a great source of support and information on all things multiples throughout childhood. As with the nature of what we do, families haven’t usually heard of Tamba until they have twins or triplets themselves, so health visitors and midwives who pass our information on are a great asset.”

Tamba’s website has a range of FREE downloadable resources for both health visitors and parents, such as guidance on individuality, sleep and breastfeeding.

Anyone can also email Twinline on asktwinline@tamba.org.uk if they can’t find what they’re looking for online and don’t want to speak on the phone.

In Northern Ireland, we’re lucky enough to have a dedicated Health Visiting Service for families of multiples in the Southern HSC Trust area. The first of its kind in the UK, it is funded by the Southern Health and Social Care Trust to work with multiple families in the area.

Our health visitor can support families of multiples with a range of services from breastfeeding support to managing sleep and starting school.

Kelly McDonald, Tamba’s Northern Ireland co-ordinator, said: “Our families  still have the invaluable  support from the core health visitors, but having someone a little more knowledgeable about multiples and who can provide Tamba resources is great.

“Families can refer themselves, or get a referral from their GP, health visitor or through Tamba Northern Ireland.

“Multiples sometimes have needs which can be more complex, which is why we really value having a dedicated health visitor who understands our families.

“It can sometimes be overwhelming for new parents but we never count anything as a ‘silly question’. Sometimes it is just reassuring to have someone point you in the right direction or assure you that you’re doing well.”

As part of Health Visitor Week, we will be sharing our meme of chief executive Keith Reed talking about the vital service health visitors provide.

We will also be encouraging our supports to Tweet about their health visitor success stories using the #HVweek and #whatsisaHV hashtags.

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