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6 ways your holidays change after having kids

4th June 2018

Packing the night before turns into packing for days if not weeks before! Washing, ironing and piles of clothes everywhere! - Not even going to mention the return washing pile. Not sure we’ve caught up from the last break yet!

Your once small piece of hand luggage with phone, keys and wallet is now a larger piece of hand luggage packed with snacks, crayons, books and small electronic devices!

If you’re travelling by car, you will no longer have the benefit of leg room. (Unless you are the driver of course!) EVERY single bit of space will be filled with holiday essentials. Oooh, yes, I can just shove that last pair of shoes into that ever so small gap in the boot!

Holiday choices change from places of interest or rest and relaxation to where it is the most child-friendly. Do they have a kids club? Is it pushchair friendly? Is there something for them to do while I enjoy a cuppa?

Relaxing on the beach changes to taking every single piece of beach paraphernalia with you for a whole hour or two on the beach! Oh yes and sand really does get absolutely everywhere! Sand sandwich anyone?

Relaxing turns into exhausting! Anybody else returned from a holiday looking forward to going back to work?

Whatever your plans, we hope you are looking forward to some fun over the summer with your children. Those giggles and smiles on their little faces make the sandy sandwiches worthwhile (well almost).

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